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Jolly Holidays


Our Christmas miracle! I can’t believe she’s 3 months already!!

It's Official!


Good evening,

It’s official! Hunter’s adoption has now been finalized as of yesterday. Words can’t express how grateful we are for Lifetime and Hunter’s amazing birthparents.

Big Things Come in Small Packages

christmas collage

Hi Diane!! Just wanted to share a few pictures of Henry. We can’t believe he is already four months old. We are on our way home from his four month check up. The Dr. said he looks great!! He weighs 14 lbs 6 oz and is 24 3/4 inches long! He’s getting so big and has such a fun personality! We are hoping to visit you all in the new year!


Merry Christmas!


Dustin, Miranda, and Henry

We truly are blessed!

santa 2014 copy

Hi Diane and everyone at Lifetime!


Just a quick hello to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!


Rosalie had her second photo with Santa and like last year, she wasn’t really impressed. Ha!

She looks a bit terrified and looks like she might burst into tears but she didn’t, our brave little girl! She will be 18 months when Christmas comes so it will be fun to see her excitement on Christmas Day as she opens her presents.


She is learning SO much and doing SO much we just love seeing her soak up all the new words she learns and repeating them. She is SO much fun! We truly are blessed!


With love,


Ricardo, Raquel and Rosalie

A Blessed Adoption Update


Hello Lifetime Family,

Sarah is almost 15 months and we wanted to let you know we finalized our adoption.  We are so blessed and thankful for Sarah’s birth mother and everyone who has helped us along the way.  We think back to the day we received our phone call and heard those amazing words from Diane.  We are so thankful and grateful for all you have done to make our family complete.  Blessings to all of you!

-Glen and Wendy

Our Dreams of Parenthood Came True!


Hello Lifetime Adoption Team!

We have great news to share! This past Friday marked the formal final end to our “Journey to Parenthood”… we finalized Audrey’s adoption! As you know, this is her “Gotcha Day” and a date that will be forever special to us.

We can’t thank all of you enough for helping to make our dreams of parenthood come true. Audrey is such a blessing, answer to prayer and she is loved so very much by not only her immediate family…but also by the village and community that surrounds her. She is one LOVED child.

Every one of you at Lifetime will forever hold a special place in our hearts…you were the ones that brought us together with our amazing birth mother and you made the magic happen. We will forever be grateful! Your hard work makes dreams come true. Sending all of you love and hugs!

-Sean and Charlene

A Cherished Milestone


Hi Diane,

We have some exciting news to share; we have just returned home after finalizing our adoption!

Braelyn is gaining weight and growing so fast!  She started out a tiny four pounds, 14 ounces and recently weighed in at nine pounds, 13 ounces at her two month doctor’s appointment.

We are very excited about our future as a family of three and look forward to many more milestones!  Please give everyone there our best!

-Ben and Nicole

Easter Joys


Here’s a sweet adoption update from Lifetime couple Tom and Samantha: “Have a wonderful Easter! Here’s a photo of Easton visting the Easter bunny!”

God's Timing Was Perfect


Happy Easter, from our family to yours!

Two years ago, today, we signed our adoption contract to complete our family. Not knowing what the journey would look like, how long it would be, or what our story would entail, we knew it was placed on our hearts through God’s calling. We took this journey on…filled with classes, loads of paperwork, home interviews, profiles, videos, websites, and patience, but most importantly faith. God’s timing was perfect, for His plan from the very beginning was to bring this precious girl into our lives. She’s a blessing, a treasure, and a dream come true. Thank you for supporting us through prayer and encouragement, as we waited and lovingly welcomed her into our family.

Without all of the wonderful staff at Lifetime, we wouldn’t have her in our lives. Thank you!

-Casey and April

Being Sisters is Something Special


Happy Easter! We thought you might like to see an updated picture of our two Lifetime girls.

Ainsley is now 12 and Courtney is six and a half years old!

-Darin and Pegg

Bluebonnet Cutie


Hope this finds you had a blessed and restful Easter. We had a very low-key, but very much a blessed Easter with Miss Paige:)

Here is a picture we took up at our city building where they have a big piece of property that has the Texas state flower running through it (the bluebonnet.) Enjoy!

Take Care,

Chris and Amy

Our Charming Little Man


Hi Michelle (and Lifetime staff)!

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter and send a updated pic of Sam! This weekend marks three years since we were matched with Sam’s birth family. Can’t believe how fast the time has gone…it seems like it took forever while we waited and now it’s already been three years! We can’t imagine a moment without our charming little man. God is so good!!!


-Janna and Alex

It's Bunny Time!


Dear Libby,

Happy Easter! We especially think of you during this special time of year. It was really fun to share the story with Katie this year about how you wanted us to get a picture of our 3 bunnies for our adoption profile and how we had to chase bunnies for quite a while to make that happen! She is still laughing and talking about it. Thank you for caring about each little detail of our adoption which led us to the Forever Family God had for us. Katie is a true blessing from above! We also celebrated Katie’s first spiritual birthday on Easter as she accepted Christ as her savior last Easter.

Katie is a very active, vibrant little girl now. She loves to run long distances, swim and dance. She loves to sing and has recently memorized a lot of songs from Disney movies. She has a vivid imagination and loves playing with her pre-school friends. We have traveled a lot as a family this year, including a mother-daughter road trip over Spring Break to visit friends and some of her cousins (three of whom are adopted also). Katie loves to travel and explore new places!

Thank you, again, for everything you and the others at Lifetime have done for our family. We can never thank you enough for the part you each played in creating our forever family. Katie is an absolute Joy and we cannot imagine life without her!

Tricia and Roger

Growing By Leaps And Bounds


Happy Easter! Here’s a picture of Ellie on Easter; she is getting so big! Although we call her a baby, the sweet girl is seeming more and more like a toddler! Running after her big sisters, chasing the kitty (who nicely allows himself to be caught), always bringing a book to us, demanding we read it to her…

We’ve treasured every day in the last 17 months and still find ourselves overwhelmed with gratitude that God brought her into our family. Our wait was long, but we’re now so thankful for it because we can’t imagine not having Ellie in our lives. Thank you for all you did to bring Ellie into our family! Sometimes God needs us to help fullfill His plan and you were there that day to lead her to our family.

-Alisa and Kevin

Our Pride & Joy


Hi Patty!

I just spoke with another family about Lifetime as they were directed to us to be a reference.  I still love sharing our story and I sure hope that they choose Lifetime!  I share with each contact that you and Lifetime are remarkable!  I assure them it was the most important thing in our lives, we could not have been any more happier with you all and I trusted Lifetime with this very precious adoption!

Princess Adley is growing so fast!  She has a mouth full of teeth already!  She’s starting to talk a lot more now and we love it!  My very favorite part of the day is seeing her eyes light up and that big ole smile with those precious little teeth come running towards me!  She just melts my heart! She’s our pride and joy!

Here’s an updated pic for y’all!  We love ya!


-Ronnie and Sandi

We Couldn't Be More Blessed!


Hello there Joan!

Just wanted to say hi and give a brief update on baby Levi. He is such a joy and just perfect. God really opened up the gates of Heaven when He placed Levi in our care. We couldn’t be more blessed at this point in our lives. Levi is growing so well and is on target if not ahead on all of his little milestones. About his weight and length…well he is off the charts! He is our little ham. We are still very much in touch with his sweet birth mother and will be traveling to California this summer to see her graduate. We can’t wait to be in the great state of California! Here are a few pics for you to share!

Thank you all so much for being a part of our blessing!

-Heather and Jeremy

Ready, Set, Grow


Hi Amy!

All is well! Luke had his one month doctor appointment yesterday…he’s 10 pounds, one ounce now and doing great!


A Child of God


Hi Ladies,
I cannot begin to describe what being a mother means to me. The past 19 months have been indescribably the best! Easton fills my heart with so much joy and happiness. He is an absolute blessing and by far is my greatest gift.

The Lord has blessed Tom and I with a son who fits so well into our arms and into our families. He is a perfect mix of both of us (and his birth parents). We even have people say he looks like us. He doesn’t have to look like us at all but it is really sweet to hear. I truly believe that when God was creating him he added in some of his birthparents and some of Tom and I too. He is head-strong and has an incredible will power (just like Tom although Tom will say he gets it from me). He is athletic like Tom and enjoys sports and outdoors too. I think he gets his brains from me as well as his curious nature.

Easton is a sweetheart and is known for his good hugs. He is all around a wonderful child of God and we thank Him every night for bringing our sweet baby to us and making us a family. It is an incredible feeling and we feel blessed to have him in our lives. Currently, he can count from two to seven, knows most colors, and he is talking up a storm. He is a friendly and outgoing little boy. His favorite things to do are: play outside, take a bath, listen to music, play with toys, run, and explore. Easton is a healthy eater and enjoys eating just about everything. He also loves bonding with his dogs and watching his fishy. I look forward to what adventures are to come with my silly little boy!

God Bless,


The Light of Our Lives


We just finalized Michaela’s adoption!  It was a beautiful day (in the 70’s)  Mike’s parents flew in and all of my family but two were able to make it.  We had a few close friends as well.  We had 18 adults and four little girls including Michaela.  It all went very smooth and of course we had a big party afterward.  Here are a few pics of the BIG day as well as some from Easter too.

Our little girl is getting big and learning so much.  She knows where her hair, nose, ears, fingers, belly button and toes are.  She can say several words, a few animal sounds (doggy is her favorite); she is using a fork with precision and the spoon is about halfway there.  She knows the hand motions to songs like “This Little Light of Mine”, “Patty Cake”, and “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”  And last night something finally clicked and she learned the sign language for “more” and “please”.  Needless to say, this is one proud momma!  It is as if she is learning something new every day now.  She takes good naps and sleeps through the night.  She has 12 teeth and seems to be working on all four of her canine teeth at once.

We are so blessed to have jobs that allows us to spend so much time with her.  She is such a joy and the light of our lives.  She absolutely gives the best hugs and kisses in the world.  She is very outgoing; we call her our “social butterfly.”  We go shopping or out to eat and she says “hi!” to anyone she sees. She will jabber and make hand motions and carry on a conversation with anyone.

Hope everyone there is doing well and thank you again for your role in finding our sweet birth parents and the biggest joy of our lives, Michaela Ann.


Mike and Julie

Happy Birth Mother's Day!


We would like to wish all of your amazing birth mothers a very special day today!

May they all be blessed, as they have blessed so many others.

-Rex, Polly, and daughter Lauren

Our Blessing


It’s now been two months since Caleb came into our lives, and we don’t know what we ever did without him. He is such a sweet, funny little boy. We still have a hard time believing that we were fortunate enough for God to bless us with this child. He is growing so fast and changing every day.

We would like to thank all of you for all the work you did for us. We could not have been treated any better, and just as importantly, Caleb’s birth mother could not have been treated any better either.

God bless you all!

Darren and Heather

Mommy's Angel


Hi Diane!

I am one overjoyed mommy! Caden is the absolute love of my life and I am so blessed to be his mom! Thank God for his birth parents, who really are amazing individuals!

Here are some pictures for you but I will have more very soon! Hope you are well.

Love and Blessings,


Tony & Lesley Adopted a Baby Girl!


Congratulations from the staff of Lifetime Adoption!

2 1/2 going on 7


Dear Veronica,

We just wanted to touch base with you and everyone at Lifetime to wish all a very merry Christmas and a splendid New Year of 2015. Parker is just over 2 and a half already and it has been nothing but fun and amazing.  He is talking up a storm lately.  He loves owls, reading books, playing with his Thomas the Train set, going to parks, playing basketball and visiting our cool science center downtown.  He is 2 1/2 going on 7, I always say.  We are forever grateful for his birth family and for Lifetime for such a perfect match.  Our birth family has been just as amazing.  His birth mom came to our place this fall where we picked pumpkins, went on hay rides and ate pumpkin donuts. We had a blast watching Parker enjoy the bouncy castle and going on pony rides.  We feel blessed and grateful every day and especially touched around the holidays for little man, Parker and our extended family that is his birth family and you at Lifetime.  We hope you have a blessed holiday season.

With love and best wishes,

Janna, Pete, Parker, Bear the dog and Piper the kitty


The ONE and only Carly!


Hi Amy and Lifetime Staff!

Today, as we celebrate Carly’s first birthday, we just want to say thank you for helping to bring Carly into our family. She brings more joy and love into our family than we can write in words. She has come so far, from a tiny 2lbs to a happy, healthy one year old. She’s crawling, standing, says a few words, loves anything sweet, and loves to play with her big brothers. During the process, there were so many unknowns, but through faith and patience, Carly was brought to us. We waited 16 months and we would have waited an eternity for this baby girl. She lights up our world with smiles, kisses, laughter, and love. Thank you will never be enough for the gratitude we extend to you, her birthparents, and all of the people that have helped us complete our family. We love all of you and pray for all those touched by adoption. May your Thanksgiving be blessed, just as you have blessed us.



Casey & April

Our Little Lineman



Well, our little lineman is already 4 months old now. We call him our little lineman because he is so long and stought. He’s only 2 pounds smaller than a 1 year old that we know, and Killian is not chunky either. He enjoys grabbing Carter’s glasses, playing with Nova-Dawn’s hair, and LOVES it when his big brother and sister play with him. He smiles everyday and has become very vocal. In fact, for Thanksgiving, we are driving about 2 hrs to go take Killian’s great grandmother out to lunch. (she is a wonderful lady) It has been wonderful! I have gotten to share my story about our son with other couples who are considering adoption.


Thank you again and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Carter & Nova-Dawn

The Miracle of Adoption


Dear Lifetime Family,

Words cannot express the thankfulness we have for all you have done for our family! Because of your ministry, we not only have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, but also a deeper understanding of the miracle of Adoption. Amy, your thoughtfulness to our family is such a blessing to us. We’re so thankful that God blessed us with your as our Coordinator. We could not have gone through the adoption process without you.

Lifetime will continue to be in our prayers!

With Love,

Harrison and Rebekah

Here is a sweet video of Harrison and Rebekah meeting their daughter Faith Anne for the first time!:

Chris & Chrissi Adopted a Baby Girl!


Congratulations from the staff of
Lifetime Adoption!

Twice Blessed by Adoption


We’ve been reminiscing lately over this last year and all that we’ve been blessed with in Dane’s adoption.  He turned one a couple of weeks ago!  Time sure flies when you’re having fun!  I am moved to tears every time I pray over my boys and thank God again for the gift He gave us in them.  Thank you so much for your hand in bringing us our boys and making us a larger family!  We treasure you!

Some updates….Colin is now seven and in second grade, Dane is now one and on the verge of walking. The boys have a special connection and Dane squeals in delight every time Colin walks into the room.  God has recently blessed us with a large home and we can’t wait to fill it with more kids!  Dustin is in search of a new job in the computer industry and I am enjoying every moment at home caring for our family.  We currently have another family living with us while their house is being built and the boys are loving having other little boys around to play with!

Our relationship with both our birth moms are flourishing and we so blessed to be a special part of their life.  Colin’s birth grandma has come to visit multiple times and we cherish those visits.

Thank you for all you do for each Lifetime family!  You are priceless.

-Tami and Dustin

Our Two Lifetime Boys


Hi Amy,

Both our boys are doing really great!  Ian has adjusted to life in the country very well. He loves being outside as much as the rest of us!  I hope you all are doing well.

-Josh and Kathy

The Joy of Having a Boy


Brady is a joy!

We wanted to share that we just finalized his adoption this morning!

-Lauren & Kenny

Oh, How They Grow!


Hello Diane and Lifetime,
One year ago this week, our adoption was finalized!  It is amazing to us how this little guy has grown in that time.  He wasn’t even crawling yet when we finalized and now he is in constant motion, at very high speed. He loves all things sports and tractors.  First words in the morning are “hi” and “tractor”.  We can’t go anywhere without stopping to look at anything related to sports, particularly football and basketball.  His happy little self brings so much joy to everyone around him, even at the grocery store.  He waves and says “bye” to everyone he sees and they laugh, smile, and wave back, even in the parking lot.  He is just plain awesome!

Every day, we see our little boy growing and maturing.  We catch glimpses of the young man he is becoming and are so proud to be his parents.  We steal away moments to remember him as he is now.  Looking back at pictures and videos remind us of the adorable itty-bitty he was.  Every moment too precious to forget.

We’ve been able to visit with his birth family at the zoo and we had a wonderful time.  It was such a treat watching them bond.  Eli’s birth mother, birth grandparents, and cousin were there.  She got to hold him for his first carousel ride. He was beside himself and they both smiled the whole time.  Our birth mother told us that Lifetime awarded her a birth mother scholarship for college.  Thank you so much!  She is a wonderful young lady.  She starts college this month.  We are so excited for her!

Thank you for all you do!
Brandon and Jen

A Blessed Lifetime Adoption


Here’s a recent photo of the three of us…Alan, Eli and me :)

Can’t BELIEVE he will be ONE next week! We’re looking forward to working with y’all again for our second Lifetime adoption!

-Rebekah and Alan

School Time


Eli just had his first day of Kindergarten!  Where has the time gone?  My precious baby boy is now in “big kid school.”  Praise the Lord, we are all still intact and there were no tears – just smiles.  Now we have to wait five more hours before we get to pick him up!

Blessings and love to you and Eli’s birthparents for making our dreams come true – we thank God for him always…
-Jason and Natalie

Our Open Adoption Story


We were lucky to have been matched with a birth family that fit us like a glove!  We all shared similar interests and passions in life. The birthparents are amazing people who wanted to give their child a wonderful life and trusted us to do so. We are all very happy with our connection. We were fortunate to meet the birthparents during the pregnancy and got to know each other.

When the big day came, we drove up to the hospital and waited patiently for updates from the birth father. When our son was born, the birth father came running out to the waiting room to congratulate us on the new arrival. We all hugged and shared joyous tears. We then got to spend a few days in the hospital in a room right next to the birthparents. We all shared time with the new arrival until it both birthmom and baby were discharged.

Saying goodbye to the birthparents was bitter sweet.  We are so honored that they have given us this incredible gift. Its such a good feeling to have the family we always dreamed about. And we have a lasting bond with a remarkable couple. We think about how fortunate we are now, it makes the waiting seem like no big deal. It’s all worth it!

-Eric and Michelle

Introducing Our Newest Lifetime "Angel"


Hugs to our Leading Ladies at Lifetime…Jessica, Diane, Amy!

It has been six weeks since baby Xia and I arrived home to an eagerly awaiting Daddy and her three siblings!  Xia is our biggest baby yet weighing in at nearly 10 pounds at birth, and currently around 15 pounds! She is the queen of toothless grins and has a very ‘big voice’ (which only aids her in getting tons of attention from the rest of us) :)

It was a precarious two weeks before we were cleared to come home, but Lifetime was once again professional and consistently available every time we needed them. Jessica, you did a great job of keeping things rolling and helping us jump all the necessary hoops both states required. Your experience in adoption inspires me, and was incredibly helpful as we navigated this situation. Diane, your straightforward, no nonsense approach has been a godsend! Amy, getting to know you (prior to our call about Xia) has been a delight, and we loved working with you!

As we now move towards finalization, we look forward to keeping you in our prayers as you step up to the plate every day, helping scores of other families navigate the intricate details of adoption…way to go ladies, we continue to send hopeful couples your way as we spread the word about adoption and building families, one baby at a time!

Thank you Lifetime, for finishing what you start!


Michael, Trish, Noah, Kohl, Holli-Yahna, and baby Xia

Our Delightful Daughter


Hello Lifetime!

Here is a recent picture of our Bethany. She is three years old now and continues to grow and change every day. She used to often say, “Would you help me?”  Now she says, “I can help me by myself!”  We enjoy her so much and thank God for the delight she brings to our lives.


Matt and Teri Jo

Forever Ours Through Adoption


Dear Lifetime,

Thank you for everything! We just adore our baby girl, Eliana. She has grown so much since this picture. We would not be parents without you. We have an immense gratitude for each and every one of you!

Thank you,

Regina and Mark

Sensational Siblings


We wanted to send a quick update on Carly and say hello! Carly is eight months old now and is such a blessing to our family. She has grown from a tiny two pounds to 13 pounds. Her favorite people in the world are her three big brothers…her face lights up with smiles when they are in the room, as do theirs. She is almost crawling, loves to tell stories to us, is working on a few teeth, and loves to snuggle in our arms. She took her first trip to Disneyland this summer, as well as her first camping trip. It was a lot of fun.

We are so thankful for all of you and the work you do. We are truly blessed and continue to pray for all of you, the birthparents, and waiting families.

“I (We) thank God upon every remembrance of you.”
-Philippians 1:3

-Casey and April

Boy Wonder


Hi Veronica,

Can’t believe a year has past with our sweet Miles! We just celebrated his first birthday at a local farm and a great time was had by all. It has been full of joy and wonder as we watch our little guy grow and learn. He already says about seven or eight words, understands so many more, dances to songs, and is taking quite a few steps. As much as we cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for him, we are relishing in these awesome moments.

Lots of prayers for all the birth and adoptive families!

-Arlene and Joel

Forever Family


Lifetime adoptive couple Tom and Rhonda just finalized daughter Evalin’s adoption. They write:

“We had our final court date! Thank you so much for all that everyone at Lifetime did for us!

-Tom and Rhonda”

Bouncing Baby Boy


We have waited so long and prayed so much to be able to add to our family. Everyone at Lifetime has been amazing in helping us on our journey!

Now we get to add a precious little baby boy, Killian, to our family!

We have thanked the Lord every day since we got our phone call from Veronica and we could not have made it without Lifetime.

-Carter and Nova-Dawn

The Love of Our Lives


Hi Diane!
I was driving to work this morning, reminiscing about the afternoon you called to let us know we had been chosen. All of the emotions I felt: shock, joy, fear, elation…what an amazing moment of my life. I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you did for us and for Caleb’s birth mother to make the whole experience as smooth as possible. He is the love of our lives!

-Heather (and Darren)

The Son That Brightens Our Day


Hello Veronica and everyone at Lifetime!

Just wanted to share that Emmanuel turned one a couple of weeks ago.  He is a big, beautiful son!  He is very tall for his age…off the charts the doctor says.  We are so happy for this blessing.  He is walking and talking some; he even says “bless you” after someone sneezes, too cute!

Everything was finalized exactly six months after his birth and it all went well.  We still keep in contact with his birth mom by sending pictures and via texts.  As you can imagine, it is still quite difficult for her so we are so glad that we decided to keep in contact with her. She says it makes this time in her life a bit easier to know that Emmanuel is loved, healthy, and doing awesome.  He and his big sister get a long perfectly and the rest of the family just smothers him with love. We’re grateful for all your help.  Until next time, God Bless!

-Corey and Joann

Blessed by Open Adoption

Hi Libby,

It’s so great, as always, to hear from you and Lifetime. We would love to be a part of helping other hopeful adoptive parents through their journey.

We still sing the praises of Lifetime and the support we received and regularly recommend you to anyone who expresses an interest in adopting.

We were indeed able to overcome concerns about an open adoption. Latonia communicated quite a bit with Georgia’s birthmom before she was born, drove her to the hospital and was able to be present for Georgia’s birth. We also were able to spend the entire time Georgia was in the hospital with her.  The surprise has come from the ongoing contact with Georgia’s birthmom.  We exchanged cell phone numbers and text her every month or so with a picture and anecdote about what Georgia’s up to. Georgia’s birth mother also sends texts for her during milestones, like her birthday, Christmas and Mother’s Day. She is very respectful of us as Georgia’s parents and we’d love to share with other parents that contact with your child’s birthmom doesn’t have to be scary.

We would love to assist in helping other parents.  We may even be interested in another adoption!


Latonia and Brent

Look for stories like this family’s on!

The Joy of My Life


Hi Diane and everyone at Lifetime!

God is so good! Here are a few more pictures (some from our newborn photos and a few more recent) of my sweet baby Caden who is the twinkle in my eyes and the joy of my life! I am enjoying every single moment with him. He is such a happy baby and his smile melts my heart!

We finalized his adoption on a few weeks ago, and were surrounded by so much love of our family and friends in great celebration of his amazing life! He is so loved!

I am blessed to be able to share our story to so many and to provide my perspective on our open adoption.  I love and respect his amazing birthparents more each day and thank them and God daily for Caden!


Look who turned ONE!


Hi Diane and Lifetime Family,

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has already come and gone since our sweet Rosalie came into this world. Our lives were forever changed when we left the hospital.  She truly is the light in our lives!

Being able to watch her grow and reach every milestone is a dream come true for this mom. She is so close to taking her first steps on her own; she waves and says, “hi”and “hello” and recently started saying, “bye” all special moments that I get to cherish for a lifetime! I’m so very proud of my sweet girl.

We celebrated her birthday with close family members and let her go to town on her very own smash cake! She loved every minute of it! What made the day more special was being back in contact with her birth mother. We skyped on Rosalie’s birthday so she could talk to Rosalie and see her eat her smash cake, she was so thankful and I know it meant a lot for her to be a part of that. I am so proud of our relationship. We continue to grow closer in friendship because we know we all want whats best for Rosalie and that is the love of both families. She is so special to so many people!

With love,

Raquel and Ricardo

The Joy of Our Lives


Hi Diane,

It’s been almost three years since we last spoke, so we wanted to send you a recent picture of our Kylie! She’s now three years old, and is so loving. She’s the joy of our lives. Thank you so much!


Byron and Donna

Our Adoption Dream Came True!


Hi Veronica,

We wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all you did to facilitate the placement of Olivia Grace with us!  She is an absolute dream and we feel so blessed to have her.  Things were a little hectic after we brought her home with everyone adjusting to a new routine and a new baby in the house, but we are all moving along now like she has been with us forever.  In fact, we can’t ever imagine how we managed without her.  She has enriched our lives beyond our wildest dreams!

Thank you!

Terry and Danette

A Gift from Above


Greetings from Idaho,

We are so glad to be back home with our precious little man! We wanted to tell everyone at Lifetime THANK YOU! You guys never gave up on us and we appreciate all the encouragement and prayers during our adoption journey. It is truly God’s perfect timing! As we can look back we know that the Lord was doing far more than bringing us Justus, but He was working on our hearts preparing us for the time we would spend with the birthparents and everything that followed! He is a beautiful cuddly baby and truly a gift from God. We can’t thank you enough for all that you do for the adopting families but also the birthparents. We are forever grateful!

Faith, Hope and Love,

Jerrod & Amy (and now 4 boys!)

A Year Goes By Fast


Hi Joan,
I wanted to send you and the Lifetime ladies well wishes and to let you know that Maya turned a year old.  I can’t believe a year went by so fast and how busy a one-year-old can be!  As a single mom, I have little down time, so I must steal those few moments when I can, normally when Maya is sleep or during my commute home from work.  But, I have never been so happy.

God has really blessed me and my family with the most wonderful little girl and Maya is such a sweetie and a little Silly Billie.  Even the teachers at her daycare remark on how Maya is always smiling and laughing!

I wanted to let the Lifetime families who are still waiting to know that God knows exactly when to bless you with the right child as Maya was my second match and I can’t imagine life without her.  I’m still in contact with her birthparents and they’re doing good.

Here’s a picture of Maya from her birthday party and another of her clowning around at home…

God Blessings to All,




Can you believe that our baby girl is turning one on Wednesday?  We had  a big first birthday party for her yesterday!  Here’s one of the pictures we took just before her party.

Lifetime helped us make our dreams of parenthood come true and we will forever be grateful!

Blessings to all of you at Lifetime!

-Sean and Charlene

With Love, There is Nothing that Cannot be Done


Hi Libby,
We would love to share our adoption story! During our “waiting period”, we found the webinars helpful. For me the best ones were from birth moms; we felt their responses to questions were very helpful. On the subject of “dads” in adoption, I am so lucky to be a stay-at-home dad. Evalin is now five,and I thank God every day for this chance to see the world thru a five year old’s eyes.

We have an open adoption with Evalin’s birth mom. We think she is an amazing girl and are very close with her. Evalin talks with her a few times a month. Evalin is fully aware of the adoption process and understands mommy and daddy, as well as she has a birth mommy. Tom was adopted at four years old and his adoptive dad was the same age Tom was when we adopted Evalin. Also, Rhonda is close in age to what Tom’s adoptive mom was. Tell me that’s not amazing!

We answer every question Evalin has about adoption so she will never wonder about it. She is a confident, smart, social little girl. With Love there is nothing that cannot be done!

Thanks you so much,
Thomas and Rhonda

Delightful Duo


Here’s a sweet adoption update we received from adoptive couple Joseph and Brittiny, who adopted boy/girl twins:

“We finalized a couple of months ago. Everything is going really well, Joseph and Bryannah are great.

They will be eight months soon and they’ve gotten so big. Everything is going really great!”

A Blessed Adoption Journey


God had His hand in our adoption every step of the way, and Lifetime was wonderful (and will be for our next adoption!) Our journey has been such a blessing, and as we continue to stay in contact with our birthmom, we appreciate more and more what an amazing gift she gave to us in little Eli!

Eli is growing so fast, we can hardly keep up!! Here is a recent pic of all three of us :)

Kindest blessings,
Rebekah & Alan

P.S. You were right about our adoption experience with Lifetime inspiring others…we have been sharing with a couple from our church, and they have chosen to go with Lifetime for the adoption of their first little one!

Bouncing Baby Girl


Hi Libby,

So great to hear from you! Life is grand. Aspen is the most precious thing in my life after Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. She is a happy, playful, joyful baby — who is now WALKING!

She’s also got a very strong personality and she’s not at all shy — she’ll wabble up to perfect strangers and start playing with them. (Definitely something I’ll have to temper once she starts talking…LOL) And everyone who meets her falls in love…I have people walk up to me in grocery stores, malls, anywhere and comment on some aspect of who she is.

God is so awesome. I have had the most amazing experience with this adoption and thanks to Him have been able to use our story as a testimony for others who are seeking adoption. I share about the process and what to expect, which is often still a mystery to a lot of folks. And when they see me, a single executive, who has adopted I think their optimism rises.

Lifetime was absolutely a blessing in my life — when people actually do hear the entire story they’re amazed (but again, I am picky about who I tell it to because there are people who have waited for years and I want to be sensitive to their yearning).

Thanks and blessings,

Our Little Man


Good afternoon Michelle!

Life has gotten pretty busy around here. We’re happy to say that Caleb is doing wonderfully! He is a bright, sweet, funny little three-month-old who is quickly developing his own personality! Our contact with his birth mother continues to go very well. We even exchanged emails on Mother’s Day, sharing the joy with one another. To have her wish me a happy first Mother’s Day meant more to me than I can even begin to explain.

We’ve already started discussing the timing of what we hope to be adoption number two! We hope you’re all doing well, and thank you for continuing to do God’s work by blessing both adoptive families and birth families alike.


Darren and Heather

David & Jamie Adopted a Baby Boy!


Congratulations from the staff of
Lifetime Adoption!

David and Jamie write, “May we present Joshua, the most perfect little boy ever! He is wonderful and we are tired. We would not have it any other way!”

Truly Blessed


Hi Diane,
Here’s a picture we got of Hank this weekend. It’s so hard to believe that it’s already been a month since our lives were blessed with such a precious gift. He truly is our miracle. We are so in love!

Dustin and Miranda

So Worth the Wait


Thanks so much for all your support and guidance during our match. You took such good care of our sweet birth mother and her family! We are so grateful.

To all at Lifetime-thank you for your love, support, and prayers!

-Adam and Shelli

Our Adoption Miracle...A Year Later


Hello to everyone at Lifetime,

Here are a couple of photos of Daesy Grace. The one on the left is of her at about 10 days old in the NICU. The second is of Daesy Grace enjoying her first birthday cake! She turned one earlier this month. She has come so far in one year! Thanks for everything!

In Christ,

Amber and Jim

Ready, Set, Grow!

lifetime adoption

I was good to talk to you today. I know you all must be enjoying your new building. I saw it when I was there and it certainly looked like it would be a good location. Well, I thought I would send you a photo of Daesy Grace. It is hard to believe that she is almost a year old!She doesn’t look like a preemie anymore!

Thanks for all y’all do!

Oh…please say hello to all the Lifetime staff for us!

In Christ,

Jim and Amber

My Little Momma's Boy

Lifetime Adoption

Hey Veronica

Can’t believe that Killian is going to be three months old this Friday! He has grown so much and has been a complete blessing to our family.

I look forward to every morning when he wakes up because as soon as he sees me, he startes smiling and coo-ing at me. He’s such a momma’s boy! My other two children have also spoiled Killian rotten!

I just want to say thank you so much for everything all of you ladies have done to make our lives complete.

-Nova-Dawn (and husband Carter)