A Lifetime Adoption Story

adoption story of a Lifetime
I wish I had found Lifetime Adoption sooner. I met Mardie Caldwell four years ago while going through my 4th cycle of Invitro Fertilization but did not give much thought to adoption at that point. After my 6th failed attempt of IVF, both my husband and I decided it was time to either give up on having children or take another look at our options. It took a great deal of grieving and letting go of the fact we could never have our own biological children. We decided it did not matter if they were miniature creations of “us” because it is the way they are raised and the values that are instilled that make a person a parent.

During the two years between the 4th and 6th IVF cycle Mardie came into my life and was spoken of on several different occasions which led me to believe there was a true reason she kept appearing. When we finally did contact Lifetime Adoption everything just fell into place and we just KNEW this was meant to be. A little blessing was waiting for us and we were ready. On July 21st, 2006 “the call” came. I still cry when I think about that moment!

Lifetime adoption story
Our Gianna is our very own miracle and I could not imagine loving a child more had we been able to succeed with IVF. I personally have two biological children and they have been loved no more than Gianna is. Such an overwhelming feeling to be a mother, no matter which way your children are led to you.

I became an Ambassador for Lifetime Adoption not only because I personally know how it feels to go through such an emotional process and how amazing the end result is, but also the staff at Lifetime is incredible, supportive, loving, and encouraging. The resources and information available are also invaluable. I am very passionate about adoption and encourage others to feel free to call and ask for adoptive parent references to “talk” about adoption, the process, the experience, anything! Many blessings to you and your families.

Dee Dee