A Lifetime Adoption Story

Adopting A Second Time

Lifetime adoption a second time
Hi, my name is Lori and I am the proud mom of two beautiful, healthy, fun-loving boys. For my husband and I, the fertility journey was a roller coaster ride, but in comparison, adopting through Lifetime Adoption was a breeze! We really knew that our goal was to become parents and being pregnant no longer played an important role. We just wanted our own family to love, nurture and adore and we knew adoption was a “sure thing.” Now we have it all!

Before finding Lifetime Adoption, we searched through countless agencies and facilitators. When we came across Lifetime Adoption, we researched every inch of their adoption program and we knew we found the people we wanted to work for us. We knew this wonderful staff was prepared, experienced and dedicated in helping us make our dream come true.

Grateful to Lifetime Adoption for their family
Our first adoption was quick and we were matched in 7 1/2 months and became parents to a healthy newborn baby boy. We brought him home from the hospital, met the birth family and have a long distance, loving and respectful relationship with them.

Our second adoption was just as quick. Seven months and 10 days is all we waited before going to the hospital again and bringing home another beautiful baby boy. We met the birthparents and shared a few days with them before returning home. This relationship is more private in respect to the birthparents’ wishes.

Will there be a third adoption for us? It’s a dream that I have often and haven’t closed the door on yet. I know for us that Lifetime Adoption will be the only people that I will trust with again in such an important decision.