Adoption Services in Dallas, Texas

As a nationwide adoption professional, Lifetime Adoption is able to provide confidential adoption services in Dallas and throughout Texas for both pregnant women who want to make an adoption plan, as well as couples who wish to build a family through adoption.
Adoption Services in Dallas, Texas

If You Are Pregnant and Considering Adoption…

Our caring adoption coordinators are available to speak with you by anytime, day or night,
by phone at 817-882-9971. The most common questions we answer are:

  • How does open adoption work?
  • How can I see families waiting to adopt?
  • How do I get started?

We can answer these and any question about open adoption in Texas for you with no obligation. You can put your baby up for adoption in Dallas at any time during your pregnancy or even after you have had your baby. It is never too late to make a custom adoption plan.

With a Dallas adoption, it’s your choice. You have the opportunity to choose:

  • The adoptive parents for your child. There are parents of all races available, both in Texas and across the country to pick from.
  • The type of contact after adoption. You can have letters, pictures, email, social media, or visits.
  • How things go at the hospital – who is in the room, who cuts the cord, even what your baby’s name is on the original birth certificate.
  • To make plans for the future with the peace of mind that you provided your baby with the life you wanted him or her to have.

If you are thinking about putting your baby up for adoption in Dallas, or just have questions about open adoption, call or text right now at 1-800-923-6784.
Adoption help for pregnant women in Dallas

If You Would Like to See Approved Couples Who Are Waiting to Adopt in Texas…

We have many who have had thorough background checks and are excited to be parents through a Dallas adoption.

There are many families available locally in North Texas, as well as throughout the state and even across the country. You can look at families online or request for an adoption coordinator to send information on waiting families by mail or email. If you are ready to get started today, you can even begin with our free online questionnaire.

Remember, you can choose the family for your baby and get to know them. Click to see waiting adoptive parents from Dallas and across the country.
Baby adoption services in Dallas, Texas

For Couples Who Want to Adopt…

Lifetime Adoption has been providing nationwide domestic adoption services for over 30 years. We are a licensed adoption agency that has helped families with their first, second, and even third adoptions! Although most of our adoptions are for newborns, we do at times help with toddlers and sibling groups as well.

Founded by Adoptive Mother Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P, Lifetime encourages open adoption for the well-being of everyone involved in the adoption triad. Open adoption provides a framework for ongoing communication after the adoption, something extremely valuable as more advancements are made with medical technology and treatment, as well as studies showing that the long-term effects of open adoption are much better for adoptees than the closed adoptions of the past.

We hope you will take a few moments to learn more about Lifetime and complete our online adoption application. There is no fee to apply.

If you have any questions about our Dallas adoption services, please contact us.



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