Adoption Services in Atlanta, Georgia

The goal of Lifetime Adoption is to connect women who are pregnant or have recently had children with adoptive parents including those in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The supportive, confidential services provided by Lifetime Adoption can give children a loving start in life while comforting all of those involved in the process. Call anytime at 404-523-1270 for a private, one-on-one conversation. We will answer any of your adoption questions with no obligation whatsoever.
Adoption Services in Atlanta, Georgia for pregnancies

Pregnant Women Considering Adoption

Every situation has its own unique circumstances. Considering adoption can be emotional, even when you know that you are choosing a bright future for the child. The coordinators at Lifetime Adoption know how difficult this decision may be. We will help you to understand all that goes into adoption without pushing you to make a decision that is not right for you.

With Lifetime, there are many choices for you and the child. You may wish to have an open adoption. This allows you to have some contact with the child. Birth mothers may be able to receive letters, photographs, emails, social media contacts or even in-person visits with the child after the adoption is completed.

You can create your own adoption plan, even choosing who you want present when the child is born. We can help you decide if you prefer to have the adoptive parents in the room with you or if you would like a more private setting. You may also choose who cuts the cord and even your baby’s name on the original birth certificate.

For most birth mothers, the most important choice is who will adopt your baby. With Lifetime’s adoption services for those living in Atlanta, you can choose the adoptive parents for your child anywhere. We can connect you with parents in Atlanta, throughout Georgia or elsewhere in the country. These couples have been approved for adoption. They have completed background checks to ensure that they will be excellent parents. Many families have online profiles that allow you to get to know them before you make a choice.
Child Adoption Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Post-Pregnancy Adoptions

Many adoptions take place after a woman has already had her baby. If your child has already been born and you are considering adoption, please call us at
404-523-1270. Our compassionate coordinators know how emotional this situation can be. We will answer all of your questions while guiding you as you make the best possible decision for your child. Though most of our adoptions are newborn, we can help with toddlers and sibling groups as well. Learn more about older child adoptions here.

If you have any questions about adoptions in Atlanta, Georgia, please give us a call. You have no obligation to pursue the adoption process. We will simply answer your questions and give you feedback when needed.

Should you choose adoption in Atlanta, GA, we will help you create a custom adoption plan. You can choose the adoptive parents as well as the type of contact you would like with your child. From simple updates to regular visits, Lifetime Adoption will help you make the best decision for everyone involved.
Adoptive parents Adoption Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Resources for Adoptive Parents

Couples in the Atlanta, Georgia area who wish to adopt are fully embraced by Lifetime Adoption. We have been providing nationwide services for adoptive parents for more than 30 years. We are a fully licensed domestic adoption agency in Atlanta that specializes in open adoptions.

You may start by perusing our website and completing our free online adoption application. Our coordinators are available at 404-523-1270 to answer any questions that you may have regarding our adoption services.