Adoption Services in New Mexico

Lifetime Adoption was founded by an adoptive mother who wanted to use her experience and expertise to create an agency that both adoptive parents and birth parents could trust. For more than 30 years, Lifetime Adoption has provided a warm, welcome atmosphere for all involved. We unite children with forever families while allowing birth parents to make the important choices.

The Birth Mother’s Role in Adoption

New Mexico Adoption Services pregnant womanAs the birth mother, you are able to make nearly as many choices as you like in your New Mexico adoption. Your role includes:

  • Choosing the adoptive parents
  • Deciding between open and closed adoption
  • Considering how involved the adoptive parents will be during pregnancy and delivery
  • And much more

Only you know what is best for you, but Lifetime Adoption’s New Mexico adoption services can help to guide you if that is what you need. Give us a call to ask the questions you need answered. We will provide you with all of the information you desire without pressure or judgment.

The End of Confusion

Pregnancy can be a confusing time with or without adoption. Once you decide to allow your child to be raise by adoptive parents, you may have more questions than you ever thought possible. You might not even know where to start. Let us guide you through the process of adoption in New Mexico as you make this life-changing choice.

Adoption Services in New Mexico adoptive coupleAdoption begins with an adoption plan. This plan is built completely by you with our help. Call us for more information or get started right now. Our confidential questionnaire lets you give us your information, which we will never share with anyone without your permission. In addition, completing this questionnaire may help you sort out some vital parts of the adoption you might not have considered. Some of these include:

  • The Type of Adoptive Family You Want for Your Baby.
    You may want the adoptive family to be highly educated. You may want them to raise your child in a specific religion. You may want them to live in a rural environment or in the middle of a city. There are no matters too large or small to consider when seeking adoptive parents.
  • Your Hopes for Your Child’s Future.
    Birth mothers only want the best for their babies, but your idea about what is best may not be the same as someone else’s. You can let us know if you want your child to be artistic, sporty or educated. You may simply hope the child be raised in a loving household, free from financial worries.
  • Your Personal Plans and Goals.
    Lifetime Adoption understands that you are important. Planning for your future is vital. We want to know about your personal dreams.

Forever Families and Adoption

Family adoption services New MexicoLifetime Adoption is the leading adoption agency in the nation for open adoptions. We help prospective families with the adoption process in New Mexico for newborns and older children. If you are hoping to adopt in New Mexico, call us or complete our free online application.

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