Adoption Services in Sacramento, California

Choosing to place a baby for adoption is a personal decision that takes a great deal of care. Lifetime Adoption can help to facilitate adoptions in Sacramento, California in the most loving, discreet way. Indeed, no one in your life needs to know that you are going through the adoption process until you are ready to tell them.
Choices Adoption Services in Sacramento, California

Making Good Choices During Difficult Times

If you find yourself pregnant and unable to care for a child for any reason, Lifetime Adoption is here for you. We will talk with you about your options for adoption in Sacramento. We will guide you if needed or answer any questions you may have. Some of the most common questions birth mothers have for us are:

  • How does the adoption process work?
  • When do I meet the adoptive parents?
  • Will I see my baby again?

The answers to all of these questions depend entirely on how you wish to proceed. Lifetime Adoption lets the birth mother guide the adoption process in many ways. You choose the adoptive parents from a vast number of profiles. You decide whether or not you want the adoptive parents to be involved in the pregnancy and delivery. You can even decide how often you would like to interact with the baby once he or she is adopted. All of these issues will be managed alongside you and your chosen adoptive parents.
You can send us an email or call our Sacramento area office anytime, day or night with your adoption questions regarding your choices, our Sacramento adoption services, and more at 916-987-9565.
Parent profiles Adoption Services in Sacramento, California

Accessing Adoptive Parent Profiles

Hopeful adoptive parents complete a rigorous background check that ensures your baby will be safe and healthy in their home. These adoptive parents also complete an application that allows Lifetime Adoption to determine the best fit. All adoptive parents must be financially able to support a child, have health insurance and pass a medical exam. In addition to background checks on the adoptive parents, all adults living in the child’s future home are thoroughly screened.
Once the adoptive parents have been approved by Lifetime Adoption we feature them in our online parent profiles. This profile contains information about the couple as well as photos and personal stories. Many couples offer a video message as well. You will see information about their education level, profession, religious affiliation and much more. View adoptive family profiles here.
When you wish to see more about a specific couple contact Lifetime Adoption at 916-987-9565. If you do not see an adoptive couple in Sacramento, California that meets your requirements, we can also connect you with couples throughout the state or beyond.
Family adoption services in Sacramento, California

Families Hoping to Adopt

Lifetime Adoption knows that caring for a child is the most precious responsibility anyone can have. We welcome couples and singles to complete our free adoption application. Completing our application in no way obligates you to using Lifetime Adoption as your adoption professional.
We offer online adoption webinars as well as one-on-one consultations for hopeful adoptive families in Sacramento, California. Call us today at 916-987-9565 to learn how we can help you grow the family of your dreams.
Lifetime Adoption was founded more than 30 years ago by Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P., an adoptive mom. Lifetime promotes open adoptions as a way to keep children and their birth mothers connected.
If you are seeking Sacramento adoption services, call us at 916-987-9565 or email our professional adoption coordinators with any of your questions.



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