Adoption Services in South Carolina

In practice since 1986, Lifetime Adoption has been facilitating adoptions throughout South Carolina and the rest of the United States for more than 30 years. We work with birth mothers and parents adopting a child in SC to create the ideal union. We are now the top provider of open adoptions in the United States.
Adoption Services in South Carolina pregnant woman

Pregnant and Considering Adoption in South Carolina

If you are considering adoption in SC, you have taken a step in the right direction by visiting our website. We encourage you to look around, learn as much as possible and go through our database of families waiting to have a child to call their own.
While you are looking, complete our online questionnaire. This questionnaire is free and it does not obligate you to use Lifetime Adoption. It simply helps you to decide what is most important to you. It also helps us the best matches of parents adopting a child in SC when the time comes.
After you have completed the questionnaire, you will probably have a lot of questions about adoption in SC. We are here to answer them. Our caring staff is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. You can call at any time to talk to someone who understands your struggle and can answer your questions.
Adoption Services in South Carolina adoptive couple

Meet the Couples Who Waiting to Adopt

Our online database gives you a glimpse into the couples in South Carolina who are hoping to be chosen by someone like you. Most of these couples desire a newborn, but many are also willing to adopt a slightly older child. The majority of our adoptive parents have been unable to have children on their own. Others may have made the choice to adopt. They may even be adding to an already large family.
These couples are from a variety of backgrounds. You can even choose from couples outside of South Carolina. Your ideal adoptive parents may live in Florida, California or even Puerto Rico.
Baby adoption services in South Carolina

Adopting Children in South Carolina

Waiting to adopt a child can be difficult. Lifetime Adoption knows this well. We were founded by Mardie Caldwell, an adoptive mother herself. She personally knew how hard adoption can be. This is why we offer our services to you. Call us today or complete our free online application. The application puts you under no obligation, but it can greatly help you to assess the matters that you find most important.