Adoption Services in Virginia

Living in Virginia, you have many options for adoption professionals. We are pleased that you have taken the time to get to know Lifetime Adoption. Our agency was founded in 1986 by an adoptive mom who knows that care and compassion go hand-in-hand with experience and knowledge when it comes to adoption. Call us or complete our online form to learn more about the services we offer for adoption in Virginia.
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The Open Adoption Option

We love offering open adoptions to birth mothers and adoptive parents. Open adoptions have been proven to be the healthiest option for the child as well as the families involved. When a child grows with a connection to his or her birth mother, that child is more secure, happier and has a higher self-esteem. Likewise, birth parents have fewer instances of depression when they can see and experience their child’s happiness.
If you are pregnant and considering adoption in Virginia through Lifetime Adoption, the open adoption option may be best. You can decide how much contact you have with the child as well. You may want to limit contact to phone calls or emails. You may want occasional visits. If you don’t want contact with the child, we can facilitate that as well.
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Getting to Know Virginia Parents

Lifetime Adoption works with a large number of couples considering adopting a child in VA. These hopeful parents come from different races, have various religious faiths, live in various locations and have a variety of backgrounds. You will see an assortment of eager faces. You will read stories about couples who have tried to get pregnant but cannot have a biological child. You will learn about families who love to take care of special needs children. You will see many things when looking through our online database. We believe you will also find the perfect adoptive parents for your child.
Every couple who is considering adopting a child in VA must go through an in-depth screening process and a home study before they can adopt. You don’t have to worry about any of the couples in our database being different than how they present themselves.
Baby adoption in Virginia

Adopting a Child in Virginia

We know you are eager to meet and adopt a new baby. Contact us right away to get started on the adoption process. As you can tell from our birth mother stories, there are many pregnant women who are still waiting to find the perfect couple to adopt their babies. Complete our online application and give us a call. Talking to us involves no fee, no obligation and no waiting. We are available around the clock to answer all of your questions.


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