Jorge Rosas

Ranch Manager

Lifetime adoption ranch manager

As the Ranch Manager for Lifetime Adoption, Jorge is in charge of keeping the facility running. This includes everything from tending the grounds to office maintenance. Jorge shares “the people here are great, the air is fresh and each day brings a new and exciting challenge. I love working with my hands and putting in a hard days work.” Jorge’s hobbies include motorcycle riding, helping with community events, working on his truck, and gardening.

Fast Facts About Jorge

Favorite Holiday: Father’s Day
Favorite Place : Home
Favorite Music: Mexican Rancheras
Favorite Color: Dark Blue
A perfect day to me… I’d wake up early in the morning before the sun came out and take my dog for a walk while I have my morning coffee. Let him play in the yard while I go through the flower beds pulling weeds and planting flowers. I’d spend the entire day working at home.

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Mardie Caldwell

An adoptive mother herself, Mardie is the Founder and CEO of Lifetime Adoption



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