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Julia’s position at Lifetime involves making care packets for birth mothers, organizing paperwork and supplies and assisting the coordinators. When asked what she enjoys about her job at Lifetime, Julia shared “I love that I am surrounded by people that are all on the same page as me; we all want to help families and birth parents throughout their adoption here at Lifetime Adoption. I enjoy knowing that what I do, benefits Lifetime Adoption! I don’t have just one Lifetime Adoption moment, I have been around Lifetime Adoption so long and I have grown to see how much beauty there is with adoption and how it can truly change lives and I think those are moments that are breath taking moments for not just myself but everyone who is involved!”
Outside of work, Julia enjoys photography, makeup artistry, and being around children!

Fast Facts About Julia

Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Holiday : Christmas
Favorite Colors: Red and Turquoise
Favorite Place :California
Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo

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