Katherine Dorland

Profile Coordinator

Katherine Dorland, Profile CoordinatorAs a Profile Coordinator at Lifetime, Katherine reviews adoptive family profiles and websites. She provides feedback in order to help families build their personal presentation in a manner that helps them shine.
She shares, “I enjoy working with families to help show themselves in their own personal light, and to help them refine their profiles and assist them in being found by the right birth mother.”
In her spare time, Katherine enjoys watching movies with friends, planning trips, sewing, drawing, painting, snuggling her kittens and planning game nights with friends.

Fast Facts About Katherine

Favorite Holiday: Halloween!
Favorite Indulgences: Chocolate, Comic book hunting, Making costumes for conventions, Watching the cooking channel, Dungeons and Dragons
Favorite Places: Fiji, Beside a camp fire, In bed with a good book!
Favorite Movies: Jurassic Park, A Monster In Paris, Strange Magic, Disney’s Tarzan (almost all Disney and Broadway Musicals)
Favorite Activities: Drawing, Sewing, Video games, Board games, Karaoke, Baking, Reading, Adventure!

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