Kimberly Patterson

Adoption Coordinator

Kimberly Patterson, Adoption Coordinator

Kimberly speaks with birth mothers who are interested in finding out more about adoption and creating an adoption plan for their baby. She then assists them with the adoption plan and helps them to find an adoptive family they feel a connection with.
Kimberly shares, “I enjoy being a source of support for birth mothers who feel alone, and I also enjoy having the opportunity to be there for them while teaching them about open adoption. It makes me very grateful to be a part of such a wonderful group of people who genuinely care about each and every person they speak with…The first time I saw a picture of an adoptive family holding their newborn son and the joy on their faces, I’ve never seen such happiness.”
When not at work, Kimberly likes to spend time with her family; they have dinner/movie nights every week.
An adoptive couple working with Kimberly on their match shares, “Thanks so much for everything. It has really been a breath of fresh air to work with you. Your responsiveness, attention to detail and care for the birth mom and adoptive parents are to be commended!”

Fast Facts About Kimberly

Favorite Food: Thai
Favorite Holiday: Halloween, which is also my birthday!
Favorite Movie: Nights at Rodanthe
Favorite Color: Turquoise
On a day all to myself, I’d… Volunteer

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