support-groupAn adoption support group can be a wonderful resource for hopeful parents in any stage of their adoption journey! You might have just begun to research domestic adoption or you may be waiting for a birth mother to choose you. You might even have finalized your child’s adoption, and need help navigating adoptive parenting.

No matter which stage you’re at in the adoption process, an adoption support group can provide encouragement! Members of an adoption support group are able to learn about and explore issues they may have in common. They also have group discussions that give members the chance to share problem-solving strategies.

These groups are a great place to connect with other adoptive families, share experiences, and ask questions. You might find an adoption support group within driving distance, but there are also many groups that take place entirely online. Keep reading to discover the benefits an adoption support group can offer you, as well as how you might find one!

10 Common Reasons Hopeful Adoptive Parents Join an Adoption Support Group

  1. “How do we get started?!”
    You feel overwhelmed by the adoption process and just don’t know how to get started.
  2. “We’re not on the same page.”
    You want to adopt but your partner isn’t sure or doesn’t want to.
  3. friends supporting each otherHow will we afford adoption?”
    You aren’t sure if you can afford to adopt and want to hear how other couples made it work.
  4. “What if she reclaims her baby?”
    You are nervous to meet a birth mother and are afraid she will change her mind.
  5. “My parents say we should adopt, but I’m not sure.”
    You’re facing pressure from your family and/or friends to adopt.
  6. “Our friends just don’t understand what we’re dealing with…”
    You need to talk to other people who understand the ups and downs of adoption.
  7. “I want to connect with other adoptive couples.”
    To make life-long friends who also adopted.
  8. “We want him to grow up knowing other children who were adopted.”
    You want your children to meet other adopted children.
  9. “What should we do when our daughter does that?”
    You need to talk to other adoptive parents about the unique challenging of parenting and raising an adopted child.
  10. “What steps do we follow in order to adopt?”
    You would like to gain more information about the adoption process.

If you’re a Lifetime adoptive couple, remember to check in with your Adoption Coordinator and attend our frequently-held webinars. Hearing questions asked by other waiting adoptive parents, discussions, and stories from adoptive couples will greatly help you on your journey to adopt a baby. It’ll also allow you to feel less alone on your adoption journey; you are truly a part of an entire adoption community!

How Do I Find an Adoption Support Group?

Search Online
You can find adoption support groups online by performing a Google search for “adoption support group near ___.” Fill in the blank with the name of the city you live. If you live in a very small town, try expanding your search by typing in the nearest city.

adoption-support-groupNACAC Database
The North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) has a parent group database that contains almost 900 adoption-related support groups from across the U.S. Access it at: nacac.org/parentgroups/database.html 

Child Welfare Information Gateway’s National Foster Care and Adoption Directory 
The Child Welfare Information Gateway’s National Foster Care and Adoption Directory has a searchable database of parent support groups. Just visit: www.childwelfare.gov/nfcad. When searching through on the Child Welfare Information Gateway’s database, first select your state and then make sure to check the box which says “Kinship, Foster Care and Adoption Support Groups.”

“How to Find the Right Adoption Support Group”
In this article, Lifetime shares practical tips on 
what to look for in a support group so that you can find the right group for you!

Attend Adoption Webinars Online
Lifetime Adoption regularly hosts live adoption webinars in which successful adoptive parents share their stories. Tune in at AdoptionWebinar.com, and you can learn tips that will lead you adopt a baby successfully as well! 

This article was originally published on October 20, 2015, and has since been updated. 

Heidi Keefer
Written by Heidi Keefer

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