talking with your child about their adoption storyThere’s a lot to do when you’re preparing to adopt. But what about preparing for family life after the adoption?

We recommend that you begin to get ready now for how you’ll talk about your family’s adoption story with your future child as they grow up.

Many hopeful adoptive parents ask, “How can I help my child understand their adoption story? How do I talk to my child about their adoption?” Lifetime recently held a webinar that answers these questions and more! Read on to learn helpful tips for talking with your kids about their adoption stories.

In the webinar, two of Lifetime’s adoptive moms share their experiences with raising children through adoption. These adoptive moms also discuss how they talked to their children about their adoptions, from the very start. Each of these adoptive moms has different adoption stories so that you can learn from their families’ years of experience so far.

Discussing adoption with your child doesn’t have to be complicated or a major event. Actually, it’s best to talk about adoption from day one, even as your child is an infant! But where do you start? What tips help make adoption a topic that’s left open for discussion as a child grows up? How have other parents talked about adoption with their children, at different stages of childhood?

In this practical webinar, you’ll hear from two seasoned adoptive moms about what’s worked for their families when it comes to helping their child understand their own unique adoption story.

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Talking with a child about their adoption story is easier when you have grown a love for his or her birth mother. Stated so simply, one of our webinar guest shares “Lifetime taught us to just love her.” Many adoptive parents will share how surprised they were to feel a deep love for a child’s birth mother, even before the adoption took place. 

Heidi Keefer
Written by Heidi Keefer

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