Are the birth mother situations listed on your site still available?

birth mother situations
The birth mother situations that you see posted are women who’ve contacted us and are interested in placing their child for adoption. They are all in various stages of the process, for example:

  • They are reviewing Lifetime’s Adoptive Family profiles.
  • They are speaking with Lifetime’s adoptive families.
  • We are still awaiting the birth mother’s medical records or other information.

In some cases we are unable to match the birth mother with a family, for various reasons. We have 10 or more new families each month that we work with. It is important that we have a good selection of families for birth parents to view and select from as they come to our site.

Some families end up waiting because they have specific preferences and the birth mothers on the website don’t match their preferences. Some families that come to us are matched almost immediately. This is usually the case for African American and bi-racial couples, because we have African American and bi-racial children available and we don’t have families that are open to children of these races. So when a new family comes along, they can be matched quickly. If you’re interested in working with Lifetime to find a baby to adopt, we encourage you to fill out our free online application. It is free and this allows us to take the next step with you.

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