How do birth mothers like to communicate?

Pregnant birth mother looks at tablet for a family for her baby and decides how she will communicate with them in the future
We frequently use email to communicate with our contracted families.

We’ve found that there are some birth mothers who wish to correspond via email or text message with an adoptive family. Please be aware that without this capability, it may hinder your ability to communicate with birth mothers who desire this method for getting to know you.

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“We have been reflecting on our journey a lot lately. In the past 2 weeks we have celebrated my first Mother’s Day and our daughter’s 1st birthday!! On Mother’s Day I couldn’t think of anything I would rather do than to spend time with the woman who made me a mom! Jesse, our daughter and I met with her birth parents and visited the downtown aquarium! I love that we are in the same state because we can visit each other often.
Our daughter loved seeing the fish and she soaked up all the hugs and play time with her birth mon and dad. Watching them interact was such an amazing feeling. It showed us again, just how amazing open adoption really is and how thankful we are to be a part of it.
After struggling with infertility for so long and hiding from this day every year, it was nice to have someone to celebrate it with and I feel like it was part of my healing process. When we were saying our “see you later” they gave me flowers and I just about lost it! I was amazed at how strong and selfless this gesture was. I was so honored! I think about them and pray for them every single day! I pray they are safe and that they are content with the decision they made and this gave me the reassurance I have been needing. They are doing well and they know their daughter is cared for and loved so much!
Can you believe our daughter is 1 year old!?? Time is flying incredibly fast and we are enjoying every second! We are learning so much as she is blossoming into a beautiful, independent toddler. I take full advantage of when she wants to sit on my lap or be held to fall asleep. She crawls and walks around furniture for now so she always wants to be down to explore! She’s not walking just yet but I know once she starts, I’ll need a new pair of running shoes! She loves to be where ever the action is, she loves watching people and she is constantly doing things to make us laugh! She loves to dance and tries to sing along, which is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
She has 4 teeth and crawls around saying dada all day long. She has the most beautiful brown eyes and every time she smiles and shows her dimples, I see Vanessa. It is a constant reminder of her beauty, bravery and strength. We celebrated our daughter turning 1 by having a birthday party with family and friends. We also took her to Disneyland and spent some time on the beach, she LOVES being in the water! It was a little too cold for the ocean but we enjoyed playing in the sand and having some birthday cake! We have learned that she does not like getting her hands dirty, and she is not a fan of sand. She is such a great traveler so she makes it really easy on us. We try to cram as much adventure as we can into each day and she just goes with the flow!
We are eternally grateful for being chosen to raise our daughter and for all the amazing people we have met along the way. Please feel free to share our update, especially with Tiffany please!!
Thank you Libby, we’ll talk soon!”
Jesse and Alicia

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