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Lifetime does not typically operate on a waiting list basis. On occasion we may open up an adoption waiting list if we have an overabundance of families with specific adoption preferences that are identical to each other or very specific, such as with gender. You will be alerted if there will be a wait for you to enter our program when you have your one-on-one phone conference, if your application is pre-approved.

If you are a Lifetime client, your coordinator is presenting you to each birth mother who matches your criteria, regardless of when you began working with Lifetime.

Lifetime does allow clients to be specific in regards to gender and race, however we urge families to understand that the more open they can be, the more opportunities they will have to be chosen sooner.

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“I have also been in contact with Kelly Dempsey with Dempsey Law and she highly recommended you guys and mentioned she is currently working with you and has in the past as well. When I reached out to Children’s Home Society of NC they said their program is very small and have a waiting list. They gave us a list of adoption agencies they recommend and Lifetime Adoption was on the top 5 list.”

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