Do you have any guarantee?

Precious Baby Girl
We guarantee to our families that they will be well represented and will be seen by more birth parents than most organizations. Each family has coordinators and numerous qualified support staff members to meet your adoption needs.

Many other organizations see only a few birth mothers a month. We have a number of prospective birth mothers contact us daily requesting specific types of families and profiles of specific families. We do extensive birth parent outreach nationwide.

Many families call us and share how they get an answering machine every time they try to reach their agency, or that their attorney is in court for a week, unavailable. We have our own birth mothers that come to us directly for our waiting adoptive parents. We can work with these same attorneys and agencies to locate children for their clients and be there when they are unavailable.

Each Lifetime family needs to provide Lifetime Adoption with adoption profiles for distribution to matching birth mothers. Families also need to provide us with primary and secondary contact numbers. As long as we can present you to birth parents and reach you when they are interested, you are well on the way to a Lifetime adoption.

With our program, there is never a need to wonder if someone is working on your behalf. We have live staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for birth parents and emergencies.


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