Does Lifetime have references of families that have successfully completed an adoption?

Happy new adoptive families like this one show off their newly adopted baby after successfully completed an adoption
Once you have been pre-approved into our program, we will provide you with a list of families that have adopted through Lifetime in the past. If you would like to read testimonials now, click here.

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“To All Prospective Adoptive Parents, A little over a year ago, we were in a situation that many of you may find yourselves experiencing now. We were happily married but unable to have the children with whom we longed to share our lives as a family. That is until we met Mardie Caldwell. What first impressed us about Mardie is that she is an adoptive parent herself and could fully empathize with our feelings about being childless and our trepidation towards the adoption process. We could also see that Mardie’s own experience with adopting a child had profoundly affected her own life. Her facilitation of adoptions isn’t a job for her, it’s her mission in life. That was the kind of person we wanted working for us. After we signed, Mardie immediately began preparing us for adoption. She guided us while we drafted our resume, she included us in advertisements, and began to tell birth parents about our story. It was very clear to us that Mardie knew exactly what we needed to do. In our first week with Mardie we actually had a meeting with a birth mother with a chance to adopt a beautiful baby girl. The adoption did not happen for us, but we quickly came to believe that Mardie would find us a child. It was encouraging to watch Mardie work with the birth parents. She understood the difficult decisions they faced and always offered loving support and guidance. She also took great care in the screening process so that adoptive parents knew what to expect with any particular adoption. We also enjoyed the monthly meetings with other adoptive parents at Mardie’s home. At these meetings, we learned many helpful hints about adoption, celebrated recent adoptions, and were able to spend time with other couples with whom we shared so much. Our adoption occurred a little differently than most others, although we had prepared ourselves for the unexpected. We received a call from Mardie at 10:00 one Sunday morning that a two day old baby boy was waiting for us at a hospital a few hours away. We drove down, picked up our precious child and arrived home by 6:00 that night. It can happen that quickly. Our adoption experience has been a real blessing in our life and we know that we will pursue a second adoption in the near future. The nice part is that the first and most difficult step of our second adoption is already done. We will simply call Mardie at Lifetime Adoption and let her know that we are ready to adopt another child. The best reference that we could ever provide is that we trust Mardie to help us build our own family. Whatever course we take, we wish you the very best for your family. Adoption has been a wonderful experience for us and we hope and pray that you are able to experience a similar blessing in your life. God Bless”
Gerry and Marie

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