Does Lifetime Adoption handle or help with embryo adoption?

Embryo Adoption Guide

Embryo adoption is an exciting and growing practice in the area of adoption. There are many embryo adoption agencies, and while Lifetime currently is not offering this specific service, our founder, Mardie Caldwell has released a book on this subject called “Embryo Adoption Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Embryo Adoption.”

Embryo adoption can be a blessing for both the embryo donors and the embryo recipients. There are times when a couple has fulfilled their dreams of having children and has embryos left over. This can be an issue as to what to do with these extra embryos. Donating the embryos to a family who has been unable to conceive a child or who is concerned about genetic issues in their family history is an amazing gift of life. For these couples, the option to give birth to their child is a dream come true. This also leads to the option of open adoption, as we see in the adoption of a newborn or child.

For families hoping to adopt embryos, there is always a choice to do an actual adoption or simply receive donated embryos. At Lifetime, we wholeheartedly support adoption as an option because of the opportunity to build a relationship with the donor family. It can certainly be beneficial for the adoptive parents, however, the child will benefit greatly from having more opportunities to know where they came from. They may also have access to medical and genetic history as well. This can help their doctor give them the best care possible.

As the child grows into adulthood, there will not be a mystery of who his or her biological parents are – rather, there will be a certainty. It also provides the ability to have relationships with biological siblings as adoption does. Research has shown that knowledge of where an adopted child came from is very beneficial to the child’s self-esteem and feelings of well-being.

In addition, embryo donors can benefit from an open embryo adoption. Knowing who adopted their embryo, having certainty about the health and well-being of their biological children, and knowing that child is safe and happy can be a great source of relief. Knowing with certainty where and who their children are is especially important if genetic or medical conditions arise. This will benefit both the child and his or her adoptive parents.

There are many ways to fulfill your dream of growing your family. However you decide to fulfill your dreams, embryo adoption, domestic adoption, international adoption, or foster adoption, a beautiful family will be created. Whichever journey you decide on, we wish you all the love and joy in creating your own family in your own way.

Some of our greatest blessings
have been born from our
greatest sorrows.

Had we not stepped beyond our
fears to embrace embryo
adoption, we would have
foregone so much joy in raising
our children and loving our
donor families.

– Charis _NRFA embryo recipient

To learn more about this growing topic, please look into Mardie’s book, “Embryo Adoption Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Embryo Adoption”. From medical facts to the emotions you can expect, being an embryo donor or embryo recipient will all be found on these pages. You will be able to read some real-life scenarios and benefit from the facts and information all brought together in this easy-to-read book.

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