I noticed you have older children seeking homes…

Where are these children living now?

older children adoption
From newborns to older children adoptions, we help children of all ages find a forever home. Most of the children that you see on our site are living with their birth parents or relatives. The birth parents have tried to raise the children and for different reasons, from health issues, aging grandparents, personal problems or divorce are seeking a better life for them.

Adoption is the option many of these parents request, often wanting to avoid the children going into the foster care system. Only a few of the children are in foster care at the time we are contacted. Nearly all birth parents who are placing their children with adoptive families have their rights terminated by the court. They come to us to find adoptive parents, allowing them the ability to decide the type of environment and family their child will be raised in. This is often the last loving choice they can make for their child. Adopt older kids with Lifetime Adoption, start your journey with us today.

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