We are just starting out – what services do you offer for newbies to adoption?

Toddler looking out from behind baby gate hoping to explore like someone starting out new to adoption
We have extensive guidance and support through our programs, monthly educational webinars and phone consultations, as well as outside resources we provide each adoptive parent through our programs. As a Lifetime adoptive family, you’ll have an abundance of adoption services, resources, and information to help you succeed.

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“Hello Jen, Thank you so much for your reply. We would love to tell you how we learned about Lifetime Adoption. My husband and I have been researching adoption agencies for a while and learning what each has to offer. I have a friend who works for Hope Pregnancy Center in Cheshire Connecticut. I reached out to her to learn where Hope refers their expectant mothers. She highly recommended Lifetime Adoptions. She spoke strongly about the wonderful way you take care of birth mothers and about the services that you provide for them. My husband and I felt immediately drawn to your agency given that you highly value and support birth moms. We feel strongly that this is the agency God has led us to. Thank you!”
Olivia and Allan

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