We are working with another adoption professional, but have not had any success. Can you help us?

adoption professional success
Many families share how they call their agency and get a voicemail or their attorney is in court for a week. We can work with these same attorneys and agencies to locate children for their clients and be there when they can’t.

We work with a number of agencies that just don’t have the staff or time to work with the number of birth parents we do, so they send us their clients to contract with us to find a child and they finish up the legal paperwork for the adoption. We also work with attorneys that prefer to handle only the legal work and not the facilitation and match process of an adoption.

We work with these professionals on your behalf, providing records, medical reports, counseling, support, and information to help complete your adoption.

At Lifetime, we don’t want families paying additional fees; many agencies will reduce their fees when Lifetime is locating a child for you. For example, in some states, a family must complete their adoption through an agency. Many agencies will reduce their fees greatly when you are working with Lifetime, sometimes up to thousands of dollars, as they are only doing the home study and post-placement visits. Lifetime is locating and working with the prospective birth parents, which saves them time and resources. We will offer suggestions to help you save money when working with us.

We work with these professionals and continue to be one of the largest domestic adoption organizations in the nation because we are focused on our clients and not trying to be “everything to everyone”. We have found many of our birth parents first ask when they call if we are an agency, when told we are not they often respond, “Great! I don’t want to work with an agency.” We have also found that birth parents are often afraid of, or are intimidated by, contacting attorneys for adoption help and pregnancy support.

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