What about confidentiality?

Confidential adoption
Lifetime Adoption will share with birth parents your first names and other non-identifying information. You have the option of giving as much or as little information to the birth mother matched with you as you deem appropriate. We do not disclose your income or where you work to birth parents; this is left up to the adoptive family. Most families feel very comfortable after meeting their birth mother and want her to feel comfortable with the family that will parent her child.

Each state requires some information be given to the birth parents. Most birth mothers are wonderful women with a simple need to know that you are safe and can care for the child she has trusted you with. It is very important for you to keep your commitments to her regarding ongoing contact, by following through with letters and photos after the adoption, or visits if you agreed to them.

Lifetime can help you determine what is best for your family; we just ask that you keep your promises and commitments to your birth mother.

To learn more about open adoption and birth mother relationships, please read the article A Look at Open Adoption.

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