What about the baby’s health?

really cute baby looks sideways at camera from his high chair, his parents have medical release and health information for him from birth parents
Lifetime Adoption requests a medical release and health information from each birth mother. We will provide you with all the documentation we receive regarding the health of the child you are considering adopting. In addition, many hospitals will routinely do a toxicology screen on all newborns. Most of our babies are healthy and have been cared for in utero by loving birth mothers. Be aware that some birth mothers have no prenatal care and records to share.

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“Dear Friends, there is not a day that goes by where Bill and I don’t feel gratitude for having been fortunate enough to find Mardie Caldwell and Lifetime Adoption Center. There are no words vivid enough to express our appreciation and convey how tremendous she was during our adoption search. We were referred to Mardie about two years ago because we had developed an interest in adopting an infant through open adoption.
From the beginning we were impressed with her commitment to her job, her strong support of and faith in her adoptive families, and her compassion for her birth mothers. Mardie truly CARES about helping birth mothers and adoptive parents make the “perfect” match. This is not a job for her; it is a passion! That depth of feeling comes through in everything she does. Mardie’s door is always open to us. Sometimes I think she can’t possibly be getting more than two hours of sleep a night! We were never given the impression that we were bothering her or asking stupid questions. I am a very hands-on person who needed to be involved in everything that was going on, so I’m sure I was a real challenge for her! Yet I could tell that she truly cared how we felt and was always there with the right feedback to keep us on track. Although she is tremendously busy, in the trenches working for us every day, we always got return phone calls and accurate answers to our questions.
We were with Mardie close to a year and during that time we actually turned down a number of potential situations with which we were not comfortable. Mardie encouraged us to trust our instincts and reinforced our belief that the “right” baby was out there for us, if we would listen to our hearts and be patient. She was right. The adoption we have ended up with is better than any of the other situations with which we were presented. We are truly blessed to have a wonderful birth mother that we care for and who loves her son enough to ensure him a happy, stable life and who trusts us to care properly for the most precious gift she had to give. Our birth mom was looking for a “home” for her baby, not a family with a pile of money, fancy houses, and vacations to exotic places every year. She wanted a solid, happy home with parents that would love her child, raise him in a family-oriented environment and teach him to live a meaningful, fulfilling life. The fact that we already had an eight year old daughter was viewed as a bonus.
Our son is nine months old today. He is a very happy, healthy baby. In the words of his doctor: “He’s perfect!” Through Mardie we met our birth mother 2 ½ weeks before his birth. I was able to participate in the delivery and was actually asked by our birth mom to cut his umbilical cord. Being there with her and her family gave me a deep insight into her family support and the caring people who had raised her. Helping to actually deliver our son was an experience that will be with me forever. Mardie was present in the delivery room as well, and her calm, professional and compassionate interaction was definitely needed in some of the more emotional moments of the birth. I don’t know how we would have done it without her.
All of us got along so well during the day in the hospital that the nursing staff thought we were family or had known each other for years. Imagine their surprise! Being able to have medical histories on the birth parents is a huge asset when dealing with medical questions with our son’s doctor. Since his birth, I have been doing some telephone research for Mardie and have found that there simply isn’t ANYONE out there who provides the personalized support and services that she does—at ANY price! We cannot recommend her highly enough. Good luck in your adoption search. With love, tenacity, faith and lots of support from Mardie and Lifetime Adoption Center, your dreams WILL come true!”
Bill and Dawn

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