What does bi-racial or mixed race mean?

Parents sit happily with their adopted bi-racial child, the perfect baby for their family
At Lifetime, for our purposes, we consider the definition of bi-racial to be someone of at least part African American decent. Mixed race children may have two or more racial backgrounds, which may also include African-American heritage.

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“Dear Mardie and Staff, I don’t think we could possibly let this wonderful Holiday go by without thanking you and your incredible staff for all of the work that each and every one put into finding the perfect child for our family!! We are so unbelievably happy with our daughter, we couldn’t equate it to any great experience we have ever had. Even in the middle of the night, her wake up calls are a joy. We both just love to look at her beautiful face. Initially, Jim and I were not sure if a mixed race child was right for our family. As soon as we were presented with the possibility of being chosen by our Birth Mom, we knew that God would only send the child that was truly right for us – and He did!! To all adoptive families who are not open to a child of mixed race, we believe in our hearts that you will be missing a beautiful experience. She is so amazing, and we look forward to the day when we can adopt a sibling for her. Until then, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. Our deepest THANK YOU to all of you!”
Theresa and Jim

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