Where do we get our home study done?

Adoptive parents and their new baby pose for a photo, completing your home study is one of the first steps forward in adoption process
We have reputable home study providers and licensed social workers we will refer you to for your home study. This will be one of the first steps you’ll take when we start working together in your adoption.

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“Hello Robyn, I am blown away how amazingly detailed the Home Study webinar was! Hats off to the guest speaker. After being involved with a home study writer (social worker) locally with Catholic Charities for 6 years now – I’m even more thankful for her and her punctuality with having documents done on time and her advocacy for us! I secretly thought, we don’t need to listen to a Home Study webinar…ha ha. I’m so glad I’m type A and have to listen to every webinar and not skip any :) Seriously – such a great webinar and a reminder and encouragement to all us awaiting family to have our ducks in a row and then be “prayed up” and ready to answer the call. Also, listened to yesterday’s live Q&A – that was nice! We are in the garden a lot so I’m not ever “scheduled” in the summer but I set a timer on my phone every Wed at 12:50 CT, to login to the app if I’m available. Also, listened to Q&A Webinar: Ask a Birth Mother, Featuring Adrianne – she is a “force”!!! I feel very privileged getting to hear her perspective and story after all the years she’s been helping birth mothers with Lifetime and her relationship with her son and his adoptive family and the changes they have all experienced both loss, maturity and a loving, comfortable bond. Our family is thinking about everything going on today, praying a lot, supporting each other and helping those around us. Love and Hugs!”

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