A Lifetime Adoptive Family’s Journey – Twice

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It is with great love, pride and happiness that I share with you, first-hand, our family’s adoption journeys. God began paving roads that led us to starting and growing our family through Lifetime Adoption way before we could’ve ever imagined.

Chad and I have shared over 18 remarkable years of marriage together. We were high school sweethearts who married early in life, while over the years grew our marriage, ourselves, and professions prior to starting a family. Today, we are blessed and proud parents of our three year old son Connor, and eight month old daughter Emaline. Both were adopted at birth through Lifetime. Because of Lifetime we experience and feel everything there is as a “Mommy and Daddy” and the way our children immediately touched our heart and lives the very first moment they were born.

We experienced four years of many winding roads trying to become pregnant on our own and then on to some of the best fertility specialists in our state. We always ended up with the same phone call with what we thought at the time, was “disappointing news” of not being pregnant. Make no mistake; it was an exhausting, trying, emotional, journey to say the least. For us, being “pregnant” wasn’t important anymore, but rather our focus shined on our need and joy of becoming parents! We can tell you first-hand that adoption is a beautiful blend of love that begins your lifetime journey as parents. It has opened a part of our hearts and lives we would’ve never known otherwise. And, we thank God for those winding roads we traveled because they led us to our children and forever blessed by God’s plan he had made all along.

Just as with our birth families, our journey to each other began with a leap of faith. A leap of faith that led us to a friend of friend who had began their family through Lifetime. High praise for Lifetime Adoption became contagious once word was out that we had contracted through them. Our OB-GYN, fertility specialists, business affiliates, social workers and local attorney just to name a few spoke of Lifetime being the best. “At home” is probably the best way to describe how we felt about Lifetime the very first time we spoke to them. Through both of our journeys, we never felt like a number. In fact, no matter who answered the phone, they knew who “Chad & Sarah” were and who our adoption coordinator was. For us, it meant a lot knowing that Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P., the Founder and Owner of Lifetime Adoption is an adoptive parent experiencing open adoption herself. It is abundantly clear that bringing children and families together is not just a profession for her, but a life commitment with evident love and passion. Diane and Veronica, our Lifetime coordinators, were remarkable through both of our journeys. They took personal pride in their role and initiative with any details that may have needed attention. They will forever remain a special part of our family and proudly receive many, many updates and pictures of the kids.

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Both of our adoption journeys were loving, personal, and unique in their own way…and happened much faster than we could have ever dreamed! We were matched within three months of completing our adoption profile packages with our son Connor, and two months afterwards with our daughter, Emaline.

We were deeply honored and touched to experience labor and delivery of both of our children and as arranged by both birthmothers, having our own hospital room with our babies! I even cut my daughter Emaline’s umbilical cord! I was able to share doctor visits and 4-D Ultrasounds that revealed our second child was not in fact a boy like the doctors had thought, but a girl…surprise!

Our relationship with both of our birthmothers and their family are unique and very special to say the least. We share with them many of the children’s “firsts” through pictures, e-mails and phone calls. We have begun to share our beginnings as a family with Connor and he is proud to share his adoption story! We are blessed to share a special relationship with Connor’s birth grandmother and his birth brother! Emaline’s birthmother and I are planning a trip this summer for her and her sister to meet up with us and the kids. We grew very close too as we shared two weeks together prior to and after Emaline’s birth. These are very special memories and times we can share with Emaline.
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We do not underestimate God’s amazing power and how He led us to Lifetime Adoption. Maybe our letter to you has spoken to your heart. If you have made the decision to start or perhaps grow your family through adoption, trust in God and each other and He will lead you to your child. Lifetime and our children’s birth families have forever touched our lives and hearts beyond what we ever imagined. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Lifetime Adoption Center. Through both of our loving journeys to our children, Lifetime reflected their support, compassion, professionalism and respect every step of the way. What an incredible joy, honor, and blessing to be a part of Lifetime’s Family, both as adoptive parents and now as part of their Ambassador Program.

God bless you during this exciting time in your life.

With love and prayers to your family,


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“This looks like a wonderful program! Just shows how Lifetime is always going above and beyond :) We successfully adopted through Lifetime about 8 months ago and are not currently actively searching at the moment. However, in the next year or so, we do hope to work with Lifetime again for our second baby!! God bless!”
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