tips for adoption paperwork.jpgHopeful adoptive couples face a slew of paperwork in the adoption process. If you’re already facing emotional or financial pressure, the paperwork can seem overwhelming.

Those who work outside of the home might find it pretty difficult to get ahold of adoption paperwork and reading. But with attentive preparation and planning, you’ll be able to keep up with the paperwork.

Here are 5 super-easy tips to help you deal effectively with adoption paperwork:

1. So that you have quiet time to complete paperwork, start your day an hour earlier than usual. Or, if you’re a night owl, just stay up an hour later. You can use a timer to make sure that you’re spending the whole hour on the adoption-related work you set out to do.

2. Find a quiet area to work, where you won’t get distracted or interrupted. Create a to-do list of paperwork you need to finish, then give yourself realistic deadlines. Your Adoption Coordinator at Lifetime can help you in determining reasonable deadlines if needed.

3. Read inspiring adoption stories and tune into Lifetime’s free adoption webinars at AdoptionWebinar.com. Hearing stories from successful adoptive couples will boost your confidence and determination to complete all necessary paperwork in time. Watching and listening to adoption webinars is a great way to study up on all areas of domestic adoption and open adoption. In the webinars, you can also get tips and insight from adoptive couples who have been where you are and now have a baby!

4. Get a filing system going to organize all your adoption paperwork. By having it all in order, you’ll be able to quickly find documents. This saves you both time and money! We suggest using an online filing system, since many forms can be generated electronically nowadays.

5. Once you complete each session of working on adoption items, create your goals and tasks for the next session. Giving yourself realizable goals helps you remain focused and prepared for the next task at hand.

After you’ve stuck to an organized plan for a few weeks, you’ll be surprised at the amount of adoption paperwork you were able to complete! Each task you complete in the adoption process brings you one step closer to the child God has meant for you.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption