new_years_baby.jpgIs it your New Year’s Resolution to adopt a baby or child? In this post, we share 5 ways that will bring you can get closer to your goal of adopting in 2016!

  1. Research adoption professionals thoroughly

Ask them questions such as “How long have you been working in the field of adoption?”, “How long is your average waiting period?,” “How many adoptions do you complete per year?” and “How much is does an average adoption cost through your organization?” Check them out on the Better Business Bureau website and ask them for references of past clients.

  1. Learn from others who are successful in adoption

Talk to couples who have already adopted successfully and ask them for their advice and thoughts. Sign up for email newsletters about adopting, join a support group, and team up with others that have the same goals and are supportive of adoption.

  1. Read adoption books

Read books about domestic adoption, open adoption, older child adoption, infant adoption-whatever type of adoption you want to pursue. As you read, always ask yourself: “How can I apply this to my adoption journey?” Take notes so that you can apply what you learn. Here are a few good books about adopting: AdoptingOnline.com, Adoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide, and Called to Adoption.

The money you put into reading books will more than save you in legal costs, errors in decision making, and spotting red flags in an adoption.  

  1. Make time for your adoption

Make sure to allot time every week during which you put energy towards your adoption goal. It’s been said that humans spend between 3 and 8 hours each week learning new things. So you’ll want to make time for adoption research; it’s the key to your success.

  1. Listen to and watch adoption webinars

Make sure to take advantage of the adoption webinars that Lifetime Adoption makes available to the public for free. In them, we cover a wide range of topics, such as open adoption, the adoption home study, birth mothers, stories from successful Lifetime adoptive families, and more! Visit AdoptionTeleconference.com to sign up for a future webinar, and tune into recordings of past webinars. If you tune into an adoption webinar live, you’ll benefit by being able to ask questions (live!) from the webinar hosts.


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Written by Lifetime Adoption