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Every Christmas a different aspect of the Christmas story stands out to me. This year, one part in the very beginning tugs on my heart and reminds me of the inheritance you’re already preparing for the child you will adopt.

I remember when I decided to adopt I had to accept that some things wouldn’t be handed down to my child. My mother’s eyes, my husband’s dimples, my grandmother’s cute little nose would not be inherited by the child we adopt. The dream of comparing family photos and figuring out who our baby most resembled was something I had to process as part of infertility, before I could fully embrace our adoption dream.

But there are definitely things my children inherited from me, even though we have different genetic history. Some of the most important things I pass on to my children will never show up in a family photo, nor would they in a photo of Jesus and His Mother Mary.

When Mary was told by the Angel, Gabriel, that she would conceive a child by the Holy Spirit, even as a virgin, she asked some very specific questions, and then accepted the plan with this statement, as recorded in Luke 1:38: “…May everything you have said about me come true.”

Such a heart of surrender and faith is not biologically passed down to a child from his parents. It’s modeled, it’s taught, and it’s lived.

In Mary’s surrendered statement of trust in God’s plan, we are reminded that Jesus was faced with His moment of surrender, in Luke 22:42, as He prepared in prayer for His journey to the cross: “…Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”

Since Jesus is the Son of God, it’s fair to say He started off with a greater understanding and acceptance of what it means to have trust in the Lord’s plan. However, reading Mary’s words as she prepared for her part in God’s story, I imagine that Jesus probably watched His Mother model the surrendered, trusting faith He would need to fulfill God’s plan of redemption for us all.

The same will be true for you and your child. You are already creating a heritage of faith for your child’s future. Answering the call to adopt means trusting and accepting God’s plan for your family’s future. The faith you’re already modeling in this part of your story will become a legacy for your child when he or she needs it most.

There are so many important, memorable, and special things you will pass on to the child you adopt. This Christmas, I pray you find peace in a surrendered heart to God’s plan, and joy in the amazing miracles He’s already creating in your family’s story.

Christmas blessings from all of us at Lifetime Adoption,

Mardie Caldwell

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption