militaryIf you are hoping to adopt and are active duty military, there are adoption benefits specifically for you.  There is no need to wait to begin the process.  Even if your spouse is deployed or your family is stationed overseas, you can begin the journey to find the child meant for your family.


Military benefits for service members who adopt include:


$2,000 Reimbursement for Adoption Expenses

The reimbursement must be made by a service member who is active duty when filing for the reimbursement.  There are specific forms that are required that you can speak with your JAG officer about.  The reimbursement does not qualify for a step-parent adoption typically, unless special circumstances.


Up to 21 days of adoption leave to bond with your new baby or child

Depending on which branch of the service you are in, the leave available to you may have specific provisions.  Most service members are allowed to have up to 21 days of non-chargeable leave in addition to any regular leave time that may be available to you.  Often, when both spouses are active duty, only one may take the 21 day adoption leave.


Health care benefits available for the child prior to finalizing the adoption

Usually, the child placed in the home is eligible for health care and other benefits right away. Again, each branch of the military will have its own rules and information so it always pays to ask and prepare.


Learn more from the National Military Family Association on the benefits available to military personnel adopting, both internationally and domestically, as well as from foster placements.

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