scammer.jpgRecently it was reported that adoption scammers have been luring hopeful adoptive couples and then vanishing into thin air. You can read the full story over at Jezebel.com. Here at Lifetime, we take numerous actions to protect our adoptive families from frauds and scams. Read on to find out what we do…

Let’s start with what an adoption scam/fraud is. It’s when someone posing as a birth mother (or adoption professional) tells you that, with a payment, you can adopt a particular child. Sometimes, those posing as pregnant women considering adoption do it for emotional reasons. They’re looking for attention and friendship by sharing that they’re going to place their baby for adoption. What an adoption scam is NOT is a birth mother changing her mind about her decision. Adoption is a matter of the heart, so know that after she meets her baby her mind may change.

Lifetime Adoption fully screens potential birth mothers who contact us. This is the beauty of working with an adoption professional: we shield you by performing a pre-screen on all adoption situations. If you’re working on your own towards an adoption, you’re opening yourself (and your hearts) up to adoption fraud and scams. Our adoption experts have decades of experience in sniffing out what might be a scam.

We believe that as early on as possible, a potential birth mother should receive support and counseling.  That way, she’s able to take a long look at all of her options, and it will make her more confident in her decision. If she didn’t receive enough info or support during her pregnancy, she could have issues when it comes to an adoption match. Lifetime provides all birth mothers with third-party counseling, free of charge. We also have peer counselors available to her; women who have made an adoption plan in the past for their child.  If she’s not ready for the emotions to come, she could end up having second thoughts about her decision to place. 

If you have already been the victim of an adoption fraud or scam, don’t give up!  There is a child for you, and the road to find him or her continues on.  Now is the time to make sure you’re working with an adoption professional who will aid you in evading a similar mistake in the future.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption