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by | Oct 13, 2016 | Adoptive Families Blog

then_and_now_shay_and_kerri.jpgToday’s chapter in Lifetime’s blog series Then and Now“, shares Michigan adoptive parents, Shay and Kerri’s adoption story. Read about how they were blessed to adopt a baby boy!

Once they joined up with Lifetime for their adoption, they shared they were beyond excited to start their journey into parenthood.

They shared, “We truly believe we have been led by God to adopt and feel it is a true blessing.”

shay_and_kerri_profile.jpgIn their adoption profile for birth mothers to learn more about them, Shay and Kerri wrote, “We have been married for a little over six years. We met through
mutual friends eight years ago at a bonfire and have been inseparable ever since.

From the very beginning we knew we wanted to have children and have discovered, even with fertility treatments, we are unable to have a biological child. Our home is filled with lots of love and laughter. Bonfires, boating, walks in the woods , and just being together are some of the things we truly enjoy and would love to share these things with your child.”


shay_and_kerris_son.jpgThrough a Lifetime infant adoption, Shay and Kerri were chosen to adopt a baby boy!

They share, “We will never be able to express how blessed and thankful we are that we were called to Lifetime!

On Mother’s Day weekend, Jared sent his birth mom a card and gift card for dinner. We’ve had an amazing experience with Lifetime! Our adoption may not have been the “typical,” but it was exactly how it was supposed to be!

We can say the waiting was hard but “keeping your eye on the prize” kept us moving! After chatting with Jared’s birth mom, we really channeled our prayers toward her and baby. Every time we stumbled we dropped to our knees and prayed! All we can say is God is Good!

Thank you so much for helping us become a family!”

In an adoption webinar, Kerri talked about their open adoption journey. Kerri shared why she and Shay hoped for an open adoption. You can watch this webinar, “Kerri’s Story of Open Adoption,” at

Heidi Keefer

Written by Heidi Keefer

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