Married couple watching an adoption webinarAre you dreaming about the ability to adopt a child? Do your questions about adoption keep you up at night (or distracted at during the day)? TODAY, Lifetime Adoption is hosting a free adoption webinar for hopeful adoptive parents, to answer your questions!

During the live webinar, we’ll answer as many adoption questions as we can. Aspiring adoptive parents just like you will be submitting questions for us to answer LIVE.

Spend an hour toward your future adoption today, as we answer questions from hopeful adoptive parents who attend our live Adoption Q&A Webinar.

With each question you ask, steps, tips, and resources unfold to help you reach your dream of adding a child to your life. Adoption IS possible and the process can be smooth if you’re informed and prepared for what’s ahead. Join us for another great Q&A. We look forward to seeing what topics our audience brings up!

You can use this link to sign up to get a space for today’s Q&A, which will take place live at 4pm Pacific Time. Once you sign up to attend you’ll receive an email with the link and number to join this webinar online, by phone, or with the GoToWebinar app.

The subjects we cover during this webinar are up to you! We’ll meet with folks hoping to adopt a baby and take as many questions as we can. In turn, we’ll offer answers, tips, and direction to assist in taking the next step in your adoption goals.

*We will hold this webinar at one time, LIVE across the U.S. Here’s when it’ll take place:

4pm Pacific Time
5pm Mountain Time
6pm Central Time
7pm Eastern Time

The link to sign up is: Attendee.GoToWebinar.com/register/5860107073777058049

People in all phases of their adoption planning and preparation will meet with us to get answers to their adoption questions. It may be helpful for you to jot down your questions ahead of time, so you don’t forget what you were going to ask us.

If you have questions and aren’t able to make it to this webinar to ask them, please call us at 1-800-923-6784. Or, you can send us an email.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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