Recently we were touched to hear feedback about Lifetime’s program, the way we help women considering adoption, and our support through a birth mother’s choice.

New adoptive mom, Kerri, shared on this month’s webinar why she and her husband chose Lifetime and how it reflected their hearts and hopes for their own adoption future. Kerri said she could tell Lifetime truly loves and cares about birth mothers by the way our program is structured. As Kerri presented her own family’s adoption story, she described what open adoption means to her, for her son’s best interest. The compassion for and interest in the well-being of birth mothers that she recognized at Lifetime has definitely been mirrored in the way she honors her new son’s birth mother as a cherished part of their story.  “It’s not that Lifetime doesn’t care a lot about the adoptive parents they help, but they REALLY love birth mothers, Kerri said, based on the way we talk about women who choose adoption and provides support and education to the women Lifetime helps, as well as how we try to encourage adoptive families to see a birth mom’s side of the adoption. You can learn more about open adoption through Kerri’s story here.

This week we were encouraged that our heart for birth mothers also comes across to the pregnancy counselors and medical professionals assisting these women through unplanned pregnancy. The director of a Midwest pregnancy center shared how much they appreciate Lifetime’s care for the women we help, and it’s not about numbers, but really helping these women.

Another pregnancy center shared that we were “an answer to prayers” after Lifetime made staff available to come and speak to their clients and staff to educate them on the choice of adoption. The director was inspired by our program and determined to set up a new way to support their clients who decide to place their babies with adoptive parents through open adoption

We feel blessed that the work we do is reassuring communities, as well as the birth mothers we help individually, that adoption IS loving, from all angles. There are truly people who care about the women considering adoption or choosing adoption for a newborn or child. We’re honored to be a part of a new, loving cultural view of adoption today.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption