lori_liz_daughter.pngLifetime Adoption recently hosted an adoption webinar with adoptive mother Lori and her daughter’s birth mother, Liz. They spoke about how their open adoption relationship.  If you weren’t able to make it to Lifetime’s adoption webinar, you can now tune in online! Just follow this link:

Two Sides of Open Adoption: Lori & Liz’s Story

Every open adoption looks as unique as the people involved. Your future adoption may not be AS open or connected as Lori and Liz have experienced, but their story is a precious view into the possibilities and GOOD that can come from a willingness to stay open through a child’s adoption.

Until you see open adoption in the lives of actual adoptive families and birth parents, it can be misunderstood. See one adoptive family and birth family who came together through a little girl’s adoption.

Find out a concern that many birth mothers have when thinking about adoption, and how an adoptive parent’s commitment to open adoption can give her relief. Through adoptive mom Lori and birth mother Liz’s loving and candid friendship, they are able to balance their roles in their daughter’s life.

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