nursery.jpgAdoptive parents-in-waiting ask: “Should we have a nursery or room ready before we adopt?” The answer to this will vary parent to parent—some families prefer to wait so that an empty room or unused gear aren’t sitting unused, while others like knowing they are ready and stocked for when their child arrives. Whatever you decide to do in your adoption path, it IS wise to plan ahead for some things, even if it’s just to create a registry or have a list of items you know you’ll want or need when it’s time for your adoption.

Today’s adoptive parents tell us their favorite tips for preparing for their future child involve visiting stores or websites to become aware of products they’ll want for their future child, and then creating online registries or shopping lists to keep track of those items for later. Whether you’re adopting an older child or an infant, there are many websites and shops that will allow you to create a registry that can easily be accessed and updated when you know more about the child you will adopt.

For example, if you are open to adopting a child ranging in age from newborn up to three years old, you may hesitate to assemble a crib and changing table in a room that could ultimately house a toddler. With registries today, many online and local stores allow adoptive parents-to-be to build a list of items they may possibly need, and then update it when they know the age and needs of the actual child.

“This sort of is the best of both worlds,” an adoptive mom-to-be explains. “I can learn about things I’ll need for our baby, and the organizer in me can sort them out and have them ready for when we’ll need them, but still not have these things sitting around the house collecting dust or reminding me we’re still waiting.”

A new adoptive mom shares, “I found out what a blessing that online registry was for us when I realized that while we were traveling to meet our baby I could also order a few items I knew I’d need immediately and have them shipped to the hotel where we’d be staying. Plus, I didn’t want gender neutral colors on everything, so we had our boy items and girl items all in our registry so that we could get what we wanted when the time came. These lists online also helped my family and friends plan a shower for us when we were back home. It was a relief not to have to juggle a registry on top of welcoming home our new baby.”

Amazon’s wish lists and online baby registry have been among the most popular for future adoptive parents, as well as adoption-specific registries through retail chains like Buy Buy Baby (get link). Even Wal-Mart’s app and website offer a “list” function, where you can create category specific lists and add items as you browse online.

It’s normal for anyone hoping to adopt to want to dream about and plan for the child they will welcome into their family soon enough. Online lists and registries have changed the way adoptive parents handle the uncertainties surrounding their future child’s needs and the timing of their adoption. Stay tuned to part 2 of this topic, including shopping checklists for adoptive parents-to-be.

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