isaacjulianHere’s an encouraging and sweet email we received from two-time Lifetime adoptive couple Lyn and Michael:

“We are having a great summer! Isaac turned 7 and Julian is two and a half, going on 5! Our two Lifetime boys are super active, super smart and super sweet! Thank you so much Team Lifetime for bringing us together!

We just got back from visiting Grandma and both boys caught their first fish! We had a great time touring around Nebraska and hanging out with family.

It’s time to get ready for back to school so Isaac will return to the German Immersion school where he will be a second grader. Time sure flies, it seems like only last week we held our tiny bundle for the first time!

Julian is a VERY active little engineer, always taking things apart and putting them back together, making sure he knows how everything works!

God bless our boys’ birthmothers and bless Team Lifetime for bring our family together. I can’t imagine life without you all.

For families still waiting to adopt, Isaac came to us under six months into our contract, Julian came at 23 1/2 months. It’s in God’s hands and completely worth the wait! Bless you all!

Lyn and Michael”

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