Question: How do I explain adoption to my biological children? We want to add to our family through adoption and be able to explain to our children the reason and what positive aspects adoption has. Can you help?

Answer: Adopting can be a great family effort when presented well, early on in the adoption journey. Share with your children as a family, maybe a family meeting over pizza at home. Make it fun and involve each child.

Explain why you want to adopt and how the new family member will be joining the family. Whether you’re pursuing international or domestic adoption, be positive and encourage their questions about adoption.

There are a number of well-written children’s books on adoption you might want to have on-hand for younger children (even the older children might enjoy reading them). Here are some suggestions:

Just Grace and the Double Surprise

Bringing Asha Home

Pinky and Rex and the New Baby

Waiting for May

Emma’s Yucky Brother

Maggie Can’t Wait

All in all, make sure that your children know you love them and have plenty of love to share with a new sibling through adoption. At our Adoption Support Center, you can find a wealth of additional articles, tips, and Q&As such as this one. Just click on the graphic below:


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