happyMany couples who are waiting to adopt will be parents for the first time through adoption. They want to educate themselves and prepare for a newborn. But, the parenting classes given at hospitals may make them too sad, since they’re filled with expecting couples.

Instead of attending a class like that, here are a few other options:

  • Attend a class given specifically for adoptive couples
  • Go to a class that’s designed as a “refresher” course for grandparents
  • Talk with women in your family or group of friends who have recently become moms.
  • Consult a woman who’s been a daycare provider. They can be great advisors.
  • Purchase a book to get ready for your baby, such as What to Expect the First Year

In most adoptions that Lifetime sees, your baby will be released at the hospital directly to you, the adoptive couple. If your adoption goes this way, you’ll be a part of the discharge at the hospital. This means that their nurses will go over baby basics such as formula, bathing, cord care and any other info that you’ll want to know. It’s a good idea to ask them questions during that time. Another great thing that you can do is to find a pediatrician you feel comfortable with. Ask local friends with children for referrals to who they liked. Pediatricians can provide you with tons of information you need in your baby’s early weeks, and later as your baby grows.

It’s very typical to feel apprehensive about becoming a parent for the first time. Please get in touch with your Adoption Coordinator at Lifetime if you have any questions about first-time adoptive parenting or preparing for a baby.

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