A large part of adoption is being ready at all times. Here are some tips to stay healthy, so nothing stops you on your adoption journey!

Chances are you will come into contact with some germs, but you can prevent catching an illness by following my simple tips. These are good reminders I follow and share with my kids and co-workers.

  1. Take your own writing pens when away from home to sign anything. I sign receipts with my own pen and then give one to the clerk at gas stations, banks, pharmacies, and stores.
  2. At work, label your pens to avoid them being picked up and used by others who may be carrying an illness.
  3. Buy a bottle of hand sanitizer for your desk and spray sanitizer for your chairs, phone, desk top, and keyboards. This is especially important if you have someone else working on your computer. Use hand sanitizers all day, everywhere!
  4. Make sure your purse, pockets, laptop case, car, and kids’ lunch boxes are fully stocked with sanitizing wipes.
  5. Always wash clothing that touches public seating: jeans, jackets, bottom of purses, coats, and scarves.
  6. Wash your hands under hot running water and soap. My personal tip is to wash for the amount of time it takes me to recite the Lord’s Prayer. Or, for good Catholics, a Hail Mary. It ensures that I’ve washed for long enough and helps me get my prayers in.
  7. Change your pillow cases and hand towels twice a week.
  8. Replace your toothbrush after having any virus.
  9. Use the hottest setting on your dishwasher, and make sure to wash all lunch boxes, pails and coffee thermoses.
  10. When dining out, use straws only and don’t sip from cups or glasses.
  11. Use your knuckles to push elevator buttons, and practice opening the door with your elbow or tissue. In winter, I use driving gloves, which are washed every night.
  12. Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing, or cough and sneeze into your arm. Remind others to do the same.
  13. Never pick up someone else’s baby if you are sick or have not washed your hands.
  14. Stay home if you feel sick; your co-workers and boss will appreciate this!
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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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