couple avoid financial mistakes sitting with financial advisor shaking handsMany times we begin a journey, like adopting a child, and encounter road blocks, speed bumps, or all-out detours. When you are right there, so close, and in the situation, it can be tempting to make a decision that may seem to serve you best in the short term, but you need to keep the outcome in mind.

Here is a money mistake that everyone should avoid when trying to adopt:

  • Hiring the Cheapest Attorney

The legal aspect of adoption can seem expensive; however it is vital for a successful outcome. Having an attorney who specializes in the type of adoption you are pursuing is vital in every case. For example, if you are pursuing an adoption between two different states (an interstate adoption), an attorney who is experienced with the process will save you time and money in the long run. If you are working on a kinship adoption, a family law attorney may suit your needs perfectly. Bottom Line: Hire for your needs, not your pocketbook.

Next week, we’ll share with you another financial mistake that you should steer clear of during your adoption journey. Stay tuned!

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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