Last week, we shared a financial mistake to avoid when trying to adopt: cutting legal corners. Here’s part three of our three-part series on adoption financing tips. Make sure that stay away from:

  • Accepting an Adoption That You Know You Can’t Afford

Face it, adoption costs vary widely, depending on legal requirements, states involved, birth parent expenses, travel, and much, much more. Saying yes to a situation knowing that it will leave you completely tapped out may be not only a disservice to your new child, but also to your existing family. It’s okay to tell an adoption professional “We just can’t afford this,” or to ask “Do you know any way to keep the costs down on this one?”

Ultimately, every adoption carries some degree of risk and you have to be able to accept the loss if it does not go through. Bottom Line: Don’t stretch your budget beyond your means – life has to continue (and be paid for!) after the adoption.

The good news is that adoptions are still successfully happening each and every day, and you can adopt too! Just do your best to steer clear of these pitfalls on the journey to the child God has meant for you!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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