As we gather together this week to celebrate the day of Thanksgiving, we pray that the Lord will keep and watch over all of our Lifetime Families-in-Waiting. We also pray He will keep a special watch over the little babies, children, and birth families that we work with. We pray you’ll have a safe Thanksgiving with your loved ones, and that blessings and joy will pour out to you all.

Dear Lord,

Protect our adoptive families from harm and from any sadness today. Let us all see the true blessings in each of our lives that you have provided at this moment in time.

Let us take time out from computers and other distractions to reflect on these blessings with a thankful heart and a promise of continued blessing in the season before us.

If some of us hurt, please heal our hearts. If some of us are impatient, grant us and those around us patience. If we find ourselves around condescending people, fill them with kindness. Bring peace to our home and joy to our celebration.

Thank you for your blessings today and all year long,


Thanksgiving Blessings From Your Lifetime Staff

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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