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by | Dec 8, 2012 | Adoptive Families Blog

Adoption is no longer a taboo subject. Parents are open and upfront with their children regarding their adoptions. Family and friends often celebrate the new addition with festivities to welcome the little one. Many in your community are looking to you to see your adoption experience.

In 1Thessalonians 5:11 we learn to “encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” You neighbor down the street might be considering adoption. Your small group leader or your co-worker might be hoping to adopt. It is up to all of us parents that have adopted in the past to encourage and uplift them in their journey.

I know firsthand, that the process of adoption is a slow one. It begins deep in the heart. As we hear God tugging at us to look into adoption, we began to seek others around us for support and guidance. The best sources of validation are those that have been through it. We start to notice other families and zero in on others who have grown their family through this blessed process.

teddy bearBecoming an adoptive parent is taking a big step. If you find that a friend or acquaintance is asking a lot of questions, try asking them a question or two. Find out if they are thinking and praying about adoption for themselves. Ask them how long they have been considering this route to parenthood. Let them share their hopes and fears with you. Help them explore their options and arm them with accurate knowledge (not false rumors or misconceptions).

Have you ever thought that maybe God brought this person into your life for a reason? When we are called by our Savior to walk on a certain road, he will not leave us without support. He brings others into our lives to provide us with valuable information, bless us with their understanding, and cheer us on.

Is there a person or couple that keeps appearing across your path? Do they ask you lots of questions about your adoption? Don’t be offended. Be joyful. It is not just a coincidence that they keep showing up. Reveal your family’s story. Let them know how parenthood through adoption has changed your life. Let them meet your child. Forward them to Lifetime Adoption’s family blog. Give them the opportunity to read and learn for themselves.

A wise man once said, “Resolve to be better for the echo of it.” What does your echo say about you? Can you imagine anything more rewarding than seeing a family built through adoption, due to your knowledge and encouraging words. A little kindness can create a long lasting echo throughout generations to come and build up the Kingdom of God. Do you see the need and are you ready to step up in loving kindness and in truth?

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