This could be the one time that you want to miss the boat!

Many people have made the decision to adopt internationally because they were not educated as to their domestic options. It’s unfathomable that people would think that there was some type of shortage of children to adopt right here in the United States. Nothing could be further from the truth!

America has plenty of children that are waiting to be adopted, in addition to pregnant women who are seeking stable, Christian families for their unborn baby. The reality of it all is that if you truly have a desire to bring a child into your life, you may be able to make your dream happen for much less money than adopting internationally and, potentially, a lot faster too!

At Lifetime Adoption Center, they are actively looking for adoptive families who are eager to adopt a newborn or older child. There is no fee to apply for their program and they work with potential adoptive parents nationwide.

There are many benefits for adopting domestically, as well, for both the adoptive parents and their child. For the child, he or she will have parents that may have a better understanding about his or her culture.

For the adoptive parents, there are numerous ways to adopt domestically, which includes no-cost options. While international adoption will almost always be a major financial undertaking that, in addition to the legal costs of adopting, will also include international air travel which can be exceptionally expensive.

Additionally, there may not be any language barriers, which can make communication between parent and child more challenging, because the family will all speak English. Having a child that speaks English as their first language could usher in the opportunity for even more meaningful exchanges early in your relationship, and will allow for communicating beyond the basics.

Adopting domestically will serve to help to decrease the number of American children that are dreaming and anxiously waiting to have their own family. Planning to adopt is a life decision that can require a great deal of adjusting personally, financially, and emotionally. When you start looking to make it happen, with help from a qualified adoption specialist, you may not have look any further than your own home land.

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