Q: Dear Lifetime Adoption,
My husband and I have discussed adopting an older child or one with special needs. Is there financial help in those situations? We are strapped for money right now.
Thanks for your help!

A: Dear Patricia,
There are some opportunities to apply for grants through the Lifetime Adoption Foundation. We believe that if it is on your heart to adopt, God will make a way. However, many families apply for just a small number of grants. Families that have applied and been pre-approved to adopt through Lifetime will be considered for the program. You can request more info at LifetimeAdoptionFoundation.org.

In addition to applying for the grant, you may want to look into supplemental sources of revenue. Family and friends can sponsor your adoption with our donation program through PayPal. You can find financing and fundraising info at www.AdoptionFinancingInformation.com. Additionally, you may visit this page on our website: Financing Your Adoption.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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