Q: Dear Lifetime Adoption,
I heard that it is impossible to adopt a healthy newborn in the United States. We had started the process through Russia and now that door is closed. Maybe we should just give up on adoption all together! Our friends told us about you. They adopted a darling, baby girl through Lifetime about five years ago, but they are more the exception than the rule, right?

Adopt a baby girl through domestic adoption

A: Actually, there are thousands of healthy newborns adopted each year in the United States. A share of those adoptions occur right here at Lifetime Adoption. There are babies of all races placed with families just like yours.

Don’t let one bad experience turn you away from adoption altogether. When people look overseas to adopt, the control is out of their hands. Countries are changing on a daily basis and you can’t control what governments do.

Lifetime Adoption has been in business for over twenty years . We have facilitated the adoptions of well over a thousand healthy newborn babies. Our experience has given us the discernment to help weed out fraud and suspect situations.

We frequently have adoption webinars where adoptive families and birth mothers share their experiences and answer questions. It might be helpful for you and your spouse to sign up to listen in on a webinar or two. There is no better testimony than from someone who has been in your shoes and adopted! Visit AdoptionTeleconference.com to tune in.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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